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Hello new friend.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have you join the Skin Overload community.

Skin Overload is about making skincare recipes like scrubs, sugar wax, homemade soap, and other regular skin and personal care tips.

Because I don’t want to overwhelm you, I’ll be sending out one email weekly to inform you about the latest posts on the blog.

I know you signed up for the Skincare Recipes Ebook.

But there are lots of informative content on the blog that I believe you’ll enjoy reading.

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Lastly, if you’re interested in a sugar wax recipe ebook, check this out.

It contains 5 sugar wax recipes:

  1. DIY hard sugar wax,
  2. Brown sugar wax,
  3. Honey sugar wax,
  4. Sugar wax without lemon, &
  5. Microwave sugar wax.

Also, in the ebook, you’ll get directions to wax yourself at home and post waxing care.

It costs just $1.

Check it out!

5 Homemade Sugar Wax Recipes for Hair Removal

If you have any questions, comments, post ideas for the blog, or you just want to say hello, please hit the reply button.

I’m here.

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