5 Ways To Use Bidet As A Woman To Improve Personal Hygiene

5 Ways To Use Bidet As A Woman To Improve Personal Hygiene

Do you know how to use a bidet to improve your feminine care routine?

I’ve used a bidet for years, and I think every woman should try it.

In this post, I’ll show you five simple ways women use bidets for better personal hygiene.

Let’s begin.

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How do women use bidets? 5 ways to improve your personal hygiene routine with bidets


Bidets are easy to install in your bathroom.

You can buy the handheld bidet and connect it to your toilet pipe.

Or try the travel bidet for when you’re on a long trip.

That being said, here are ways to use bidets as a woman:

1. You can use a bidet after peeing


If you’re usually at home like me, you can use a bidet to rinse after peeing.

Bidets remove the urine smell that lingers in your feminine area after you’ve wiped with toilet paper several times.

Also, bidets help reduce your chances of infections by cleaning off discharge and harmful bacteria in your area.

Using toilet paper after peeing can irritate your feminine area.

But with a bidet, you hardly get that.

Because you’ll only need toilet paper to dry the surrounding parts of your area.

2. Women can use bidets after number two

5 Ways To Use Bidet As A Woman To Improve Personal Hygiene

Another way to use bidet as a woman is after doing number two.

Bidets help wash you thoroughly after using the toilet as it removes fecal matter.

When you don’t clean properly after a bowel movement, germs can stroll from your anus to your feminine part.

Which can cause infections.

So spray your area with water after doing number two to clean yourself, remove odors, and reduce the risk of infections.

3. More ways to use bidet as a woman? To freshen up during the day


When you wake up, please rinse your area with a bidet.

Also, if you’ve been up and about, maybe at work all day, you can rinse your area with a bidet once you get home.

So when you get home from work, take your clothes and underwear off.

Then wash your feminine area with a bidet to remove discharge, pee, and poop smells.

And dry your area with a clean towel.

You’d feel clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Maybe stay without underwear throughout the day.

Then rinse your area before bedtime if you don’t shower at night.

After using a bidet, please wipe your toilet seat with toilet paper.

And wash your hands with soap and water.

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4. Women can use bidets for better hygiene during menstruation

Bidets are even more helpful when you’re on your period.

You can use a bidet between a sanitary pad or tampon changes to keep your area clean and fresh.

Also, using a bidet before wearing a fresh pad or tampon reduces odors and the chances of staining your underwear.

One more tip: Before you wear a fresh pad, please sit on your toilet and squeeze like you want to pee.

This would help release the thick menstrual blood that can mess you up when inserting a tampon.

So sit on the toilet, push out blood, rinse your feminine area with a bidet, dry with a washcloth or toilet paper, and then wear a fresh pad or tampon.

Using a bidet can also help reduce the waste we produce during menstruation.

So instead of using pads or tampons, which create lots of waste, we can use a bidet and reusable menstrual products.

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5. How to use bidets as a woman? To freshen up after intimacy

Lastly, women can use a bidet to freshen up before and after intimacy.

Rinsing your area after intimacy removes bodily fluids and reduces the risk of infection.

It also cleans you up and makes your area less icky.

So if you’re not feeling fresh before intimacy, sit on a toilet and wash your area.

Doing this can reduce heavy odors in your area during intimacy.

Then, after closeness, rinse your feminine area to remove all that discharge stuff.

Rinsing also soothes your feminine area and protects your underwear from stains.

And you’d feel fresh and comfortable afterward.

Please speak to a professional about other ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Benefits of using a bidet as a woman

Now let’s discuss the benefits of using a bidet as a woman to improve your hygiene:

Using a bidet is budget-friendly

Bidets use water, so they are budget-friendly.

Which means you’d use and spend less on toilet paper and wipes.

Though you might notice a slight increase in your water bill.

Bidets are environmentally friendly.

Also, bidets are environmentally friendly.

This means using bidets instead of wipes after using the bathroom helps reduce environmental waste.

Also, using reusable menstrual products with bidets would result in less menstrual waste in landfills.

Cleaning after number two is better with a bidet.

5 Ways To Use Bidet As A Woman To Improve Personal Hygiene

  • Bidets improve your hygiene, as washing with water cleans better than toilet paper or wipes.
  • You only clean the surface when you use toilet paper and might even smear some poop on your skin.
  • But a bidet cleans with water and removes all pee or fecal matter in your area.
  • Also, using a bidet throughout the day can reduce the pee or leftover poop smell in your area and prevent stains on your underwear.

Frequently asked questions about using bidet as a woman.

Do you use a bidet after peeing?

Yes, you should use a bidet after peeing.

It removes both pee and discharge, which reduces stains on your underwear, and odor in your area.

How to use a bidet

If you’re using the handheld bidet, sit on the toilet and press the knob to flush water on your part.

Then pat dry with a towel or toilet paper.

As for the regular bidet connected to the toilet seat, it has buttons to press for water to splash on your area.

Sometimes the water splash is automatically activated after you finish using the bathroom.

Whichever bidet you use, make sure to dry yourself with some folds of toilet paper.

And remember to wipe the toilet seat and flush too.

Wrapping it up!

In conclusion, bidets can be a useful addition to your hygiene routine as a woman.

They offer many benefits, from cleaning you thoroughly to giving you a fresher feeling after using the bathroom.

Also, bidets are convenient to use daily and for better hygiene during your period.

Lastly, wash your hands with soap and water after using a bidet.

Have you tried using a bidet as a woman?

Please share your experience in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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