How To Take A Shower During Your Period – 7 Easy Steps


Can you shower during your period?

Yes, you can.

Taking a shower during your period is slightly little different from other days.

But it’s nothing to run away from.

Even before I started menstruating, I took daily showers.

And when I learned about periods and puberty in high school, my teacher emphasized taking showers twice daily.

Though I don’t take showers twice daily, I shower every day.

And on my menstruation days, I do extra to keep myself clean and smelling fresh.

So this post will discuss how to shower during your period and smell great.

And also answer some common questions concerning taking showers on your period.

Let’s begin.

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Vital things you need before you shower during your period

Taking a shower during your period is a little different from other days.

So it would be best if you prepared by having these items within reach.

  • sanitary product and your panty
  • a washcloth

A dry washcloth


When you’re taking showers on your period, blood flows out sometimes or most of the time.

So it is best to use a separate washcloth or small towel to dry your feminine area before wearing a fresh, sanitary pad or tampon.

A sanitary pad, tampon, or menstrual cup and your underwear

Sometimes, as you’re stepping out of the shower, the blood starts coming down again.

But when you have your sanitary products in the bathroom, you can easily put them on before leaving the bathroom.

So keep the sanitary pad or tampon within reach and wear them in the bathroom.

How to shower on your period without a tampon

1. First, remove the tampon inside you


Before you get in the shower, please remove the tampon inside you and flush it.

Then wipe your area with toilet paper or wet wipes if blood is coming out.

Then, walk into the shower.

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2. Wash your face, first

Next, step into the shower and wash your face.

I prefer to wash my face first when I shower during my period.

So I won’t waste more time in the shower once I finish washing my body.

3. Wash your area

Use mild soap and water to wash your feminine area, and rinse it.

Depending on how heavy your flow is, some blood may run out of your area.

But it’s not a big deal.

Just rinse it off under the shower.

4. Next, wash your body

Next, use your exfoliating gloves or washcloth, add soap, and wash your body from top to bottom.

Start from your neck and wash down to your toes.

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5. Rinse your body

After washing your whole body, rinse thoroughly.

And rinse your female parts several times before turning the shower off.

Then, use a separate towel/ washcloth to dry your pubic area.

6. Wear your sanitary product

Next, wear your sanitary pad, tampon, or menstrual cup.

Make sure to wipe your area with wet wipes if there’s some blood there.

Then, wear your towel and step out of the bathroom.

7. Moisturize and use deodorants

Once in the bedroom, moisturize your body immediately to keep your skin looking good.

Also, use some deodorants or antiperspirants.

How to smell great on your period

To smell great on your period, you must take your hygiene practices up a notch.

Take showers daily when on your period

Again, don’t skip showers when you’re on your period.

Taking daily showers is one of the best ways to smell fresh during your period.

Because you’d take the chance to wash your feminine area properly before wearing a sanitary product.

Change your sanitary products frequently.


Another tip to smell great on your period is to change your pads or tampons often.

Please don’t wait until it wet your underwear or stain your clothes.

Wear clean clothes

On your period, make sure you wear clean clothes.

So try not to repeat the pants you wore the day before, etc.

Rinse your feminine area before wearing a fresh pad or tampon.


When you rinse your pubic area before wearing a fresh pad, you’d feel fresh.

Your area would feel like you just had a shower.

It is refreshing and will keep you smelling clean.

So sit on a toilet and use a bidet or a bowl of water to rinse your area before you wear another menstrual product.

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Remove pubic hair to reduce sweating and odors in your feminine area.

If you can, remove pubic hair before your period.

It makes keeping your area clean easy.

Use deodorants, perfumes, etc.

Make sure to use deodorants, body spritz, and other fragrances you love when on your period.

But make sure you shower before using them.

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FAQs about how to take a shower During your period

Can you shower during your period without a tampon?

Yes, you can.

Remove the tampon and shower.

Blood will rush down your legs while in the shower, but it’s okay.

If you’re in the shower, you can wash it off.

Showering without a tampon is always best to wash your area properly.

And wear a fresh tampon afterward.

Can you take a bath on your period?


I’ve taken baths on my period several times.

Aside from the occasional blood string floating in the water, bathing during your period is relaxing.

And baths also help relieve menstrual cramps.

So, I’d add some bath salts and my favorite bath foam and relax in the tub.

Besides, the bath water is much compared to the tiny blood swimming.

But if you’re worried about the floating blood, rinse your body under the shower after a bath.

And you’re good.

How to take a shower during your period?

Take a shower just the way you do any other day.

But please don’t take showers with tampons inside you.

Besides, it’s uncomfortable when the thread that sticks out gets wet.

Unless you want to stick the thread inside your privates before you shower.

Otherwise, remove the tampon, shower, and wear another tampon afterward.

Most of all, remember to keep your sanitary products and panties in the bathroom.

So you can use them immediately after a shower.

How to get out of the shower on your period


As I said earlier, wear your sanitary products in the bathroom.

Sometimes, water slows menstrual blood flow.

But before you step out of the shower, squat and squeeze like you want to pee.

Squeezing would release blood that collected while you were showering.

Then, wash your area with some soap and water.

Next, dry your feminine area with a washcloth and wear your sanitary product.

But if you feel the shower floor isn’t safe, step out gently.

Then, sit on the toilet to stick in your tampon.

When you sit to wear a tampon, any excess blood flow lands in the toilet, not on your legs or the floor.

After wearing a tampon, use wet wipes to clean your area.

Then wear your panties.

Now, you can get out of the bathroom safely.

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Conclusion on how to shower on your period

Boom! That’s the exact steps I follow to shower during my period.

I know it isn’t pleasant when you shower and period blood starts running down your legs.

That’s why I follow these steps.

So don’t ever think you can’t shower on your period or without a tampon.

It’s always best to shower without a tampon.

Then you can wear a clean one after your shower.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

If you have any questions, please ask.

I’ll be here to answer them.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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Thanks for sharing!

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