Prevent Brown Stains On Your Underwear: 6 Simple Tips

Prevent Stains On Your Underwear: 6 Simple Tips

While browsing Quora, I saw a question about “how to prevent stains on your underwear.”.

And there were several helpful and unhelpful answers.

But in this post, I’ll show you simple, straightforward ways to prevent stains on your underwear.

Let’s dive in.

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But first, why do you keep getting stains on your underwear?

Before we get into what to do, here are some possible reasons your underwear gets dirty so fast:

You’re not cleaning up properly after using the bathroom.

When you don’t clean yourself well after using the bathroom, leftover stuff will stain your underwear.

And no you don’t have to take a shower every time you do number two.

You just need to clean yourself better with wet wipes or water.

You’re probably not washing your backside well when taking a shower.

Another reason you keep getting stains on your underwear is that you’re not washing well in the shower.

Some of us don’t shower with exfoliating gloves or even washcloths.

These shower essentials help remove dirt, oil, and dead skin from our bodies including your butt area.

But if you’re not cleaning the area well, dead skin will collect there.

Which transfers to your underwear every time you wear it.

Yes, we need to wear clean underwear every day.

But your underwear shouldn’t be so dirty like you sat and played in the mud.

So how do you keep your underwear from staining?

Look, it’s easy to prevent stains on your underwear as a woman.

If you follow these tips I’m sharing in this post, you can bid brown or yellow stains goodbye.

Here’s what you do:

1. Clean properly after using the bathroom to prevent stains on your underwear

First, let’s deal with the brown stain on your underwear.

I know it can be embarrassing.

So to prevent brown stains, clean up properly after using the bathroom.

I’d suggest you use wet wipes, which are excellent for cleaning up after doing number two.

But you’d need to use more than one wet wipe to clean well.

And the cost adds up, not to mention how flushable wipes can still clog your toilet.

So I’ll be going with water on this one.

You might not like it, but water cleans you well and would never leave anything to stain your underwear.

Here’s how to use water:

person holding a bidet in one hand and  a toilet paper roll
  • First, buy and install a handheld bidet(affiliate link). The exact one I have in my toilet.
  • You don’t need to install a fancy, expensive bidet toilet.
  • Many people think the fancy bidet is the only way to clean themselves with water.
  • The handheld bidet is portable and more affordable.
  • Also, it is easy to connect to your water system.
  • Once it’s installed, use the toilet.
  • After doing your business, spray your butt with water.
  • It will remove all that brown stuff.
  • Next, use some soap, shower gel, body wash, etc., and wash your backside.
  • Then spray with water again.
  • Pat your butt dry with toilet paper.
  • Dry the toilet seat with toilet paper.
  • Flush and wash your hands with soap.
  • And you’re done.

If you follow these steps, you won’t see brown stains on your underwear anymore.

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What you must know about washing with water after doing your business

person washing hands after using the toilet

You might think it’s gross.

Cleaning with water after number two is not as gross as having brown stains on your underwear.

Of which the stain also leads to bad odors.

And we don’t want that.

So think of it this way.

If you’re cleaning your baby and poop touches your hand, what do you do?

You wash your hands.

Also with your pet.

Sometimes their poop might touch your hands.

And you wash your hands and believe they’re clean.

That’s how you should think of washing your backside after doing number two.

Even after spraying with water, some stuff will be left there.

And when washing with soap, you will touch it.

But be rest assured that you can wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

And you can go a step further to use a nail brush(affiliate link) to wash your fingernails – if they’re long.

2. Wash your butt every time you take a shower

Another way to prevent stains on your underwear is to wash your backside properly when you shower.

You need to take extra time to scrub in between your backside.

First, you must make sure to shower every day.

This is what I meant when I was talking about daily showers.

When you shower daily, you will have to wash your backside.

But if you don’t know how to, here it is:

How to wash your backside in the shower

You need shower gloves or a washcloth to wash your backside well.

So after washing your whole body, use the washcloth or exfoliating gloves(affiliate link) and scrub your backside.

Make sure to get in between.

If not, you won’t get maximum clean.

After washing in there, rinse under the shower.

Use your left hand and rinse in between your backside to get all the soap out.

Wash your hands again.

Enjoy your shower.

Your whole body will feel very clean and fresh without any slippery or sticky backside.

And that’s how to prevent stains on your underwear.

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Why do I stain my underwear yellow every day?

DISCLAIMER: If you get yellow stains on your underwear as a woman, it could be a normal discharge or a sign of something serious. I’m not a professional in the medical field. So if you’re not sure what it is or if it has a funky smell, please see a professional.

That said, let’s talk about yellow stains on your underwear as a woman.

I used to have yellow stains on my underwear too.

And they even bleached my panties.

But not anymore.

Here’s how I prevent regular discharge from staining my underwear.

3. Wipe well after peeing to prevent stains on your underwear.

Like it or not, pee can stain your underwear too.

Sometimes after peeing and wiping, some drops still make their way to your underwear.

So make sure to wipe well after peeing.

4. Use water after peeing when at home

If you’re at home, rinse your area with water after peeing.

Again use a bidet to spray water on your area after peeing.

But if you don’t have the handheld bidet(affiliate link) or can’t afford it for now, buy the travel bidet(affiliate link).

You can use it at home.

Just fill it with water and spray your area.

And if you’re not ready to buy either of them, then use a small plastic bowl to pour water on your area.

Keep that bowl in your bathroom for the sole purpose of washing your area after peeing or doing number two.

Pat yourself with some toilet paper before wearing your underwear.

Remember to wash your hands.

5. Wear panty liners when you have lots of discharge

Woamn putting a pantyliner on underwear

Another way you can prevent yellow stains on your underwear is to wear pantyliners when your discharge is more.

We have those times of the month when discharge is more than normal.

So on those days, wear a panty liner, and change it regularly.


6. Rinse your area frequently when you have discharge

Some days, when you have lots of discharge, you might be at home.

So on those days, use your bidet or trusted plastic bowl and rinse excess discharge from your area.

When I’m at home, I go commando.

And bidet is my best bud to control excessive discharge.

You can adopt that habit if you like.

Frequently asked questions about stains on your underwear

So, is it normal for female underwear to stain yellow?

Sometimes it’s normal.

But we don’t like it; that’s why we ask these questions.

As I said earlier, yellow discharge can be normal or a sign of something serious.

See a specialist to help you understand what’s going on.

Why do my underwear get dirty so fast?

Your underwear gets dirty, quickly probably because your backside is dirty.

Maybe dead skin and body oils have collected on your skin.

And maybe you’re not washing your body well in the shower.

Or maybe you aren’t showering every day.

All these add up to stain your underwear.

Why do I stain my underwear brown every day?

Maybe you’re not cleaning yourself well after doing number two.

And you can prevent brown stains on your underwear by using water or wet wipes.

Toilet paper only smears stuff around your area.

Which ends up staining your underwear.

Someone said your underwear is meant to catch brown stuff from your backside.

Please don’t believe that.

Underwear is clothing you wear under your clothes.

It’s not meant to collect mud stains from your butt.

If it catches mud from your backside, it will make you stink.

And it’s also embarrassing seeing brown stains on your underwear as an adult.

So it’s always better to clean your backside properly.

Conclusion on tips to prevent stains on your underwear

So there you have it.

Simple personal hygiene habits to keep stains off your underwear.

If you find them helpful, please share this post.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next post!

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