Going Commando At Home – A Barely Simple guide


Hey lady! Are you scared of going commando?

Or do you want to go commando but don’t know how to start?

I have been a part-time panty-wearing person – if there’s anything like that – for several years.

And it is now second nature.

Plus, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

While I can brag about it all day, I also recognize that it may seem weird to you.

So I promise to help you ease into going sans underwear at home as slowly as possible.

This post will cover simple tips to go commando at home, plus the benefits of doing so.

Let’s begin!

4 Tips For Going Commando At Home With Ease

1. Go Commando To Bed

The first step is to go to bed without underwear.

Whatever nightwear you choose is totally up to you as long as you are comfortable. Lol.

I used to sleep in my underwear until a friend introduced me to sleeping commando one fateful summer during my late teens.

It felt awkward initially.

But once I got used to it, everything just fell into place.

So it is normal for you to feel awkward when sleeping in the nude for the first time.

But after a few nights, you’d understand and wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

Moving on…

2. Take Dem Panties Off Once You Get Home

Going Commando Occasionally - Barely Simple Tips To Guide You

The next tip for going commando at home is to take your underwear off when you’re back from your job or running errands.

Then rinse your feminine area with lukewarm water, dry with a towel, and get into comfortable clothes but no panties.

You would feel fresh, clean, and super comfortable.

And with time, you’d look forward to tossing dem panties and freshening up.

Let’s move to the next tip.

3. Go commando on your day off

Going Commando Occasionally - Barely Simple Tips To Guide You

Are you still looking for more tips for going commando?

How about you stay in with no underwear on your day off?

Just relax the whole day without those pesky undies, and give your lady parts a well-deserved day off too.

Any time you find you’d be indoors all day, stay sans underwear.

If you can stay a whole day without wearing a panty, you are moving even closer to being a part-time commando lady.

Even after bath time, wear loose-fitting clothing without panties.

Here are a few examples of comfy clothes to wear without underwear:

  • lounge shorts or pants,
  • casual maxi skirts,
  • easy maxi dresses,
  • short loose dresses, etc.

As time passes, you’ll find what you prefer to wear when going commando at home.

4. Do not wear panties after hair removal sessions

Going Commando Occasionally - Barely Simple Tips To Guide You

Still not comfortable enough to go to bed commando, on your days off, or once you’re home from work?

Then staying without panties after waxing or shaving may nudge you to try.

Whatever hair removal method you use, your skin requires time and ventilation to heal from the depilatory process.

So allow your feminine area at least 24 hours to recover before wearing panties again.

And remember to do this every time you remove the hairs down there.

Your girlie parts will thank you.

Just like everything in life, going commando has both benefits and downsides.

Let’s look at the perks first.

Benefits of going commando for women

1. Going commando is budget-friendly

Going Commando Occasionally - Barely Simple Tips To Guide You

When you finally decide to go commando the way I explained above, you’d wear fewer underwear and panty liners.

And you won’t need to shop for either of them for some time.

2. Staying panty-free at home is liberating

Going Commando Occasionally - Barely Simple Tips To Guide You

If anything at all, staying panty-less is one of the most comfortable things you’d ever do.

Make sure you enjoy your days off commando.

3. Bruising from underwear and pantyliners becomes history

Have you ever felt tender in your feminine area during your period or just from wearing pads or pantyliners consistently?

It happens to the best of us.

But freeing your girlie parts when you’re at home would and can help prevent chafing caused by panties and panty liners.

I can’t count how many times pads, pantyliners, or even tight panties bruised my skin.

I wish I won’t have to use pads anymore, but I stopped using tampons because of TSS.

So I’m stuck with pads.

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4. Going commando is healthy for your area

When you are not wearing underwear, your private area will get more ventilation.

And a well-ventilated feminine area is less prone to yeast infections and other crazy stuff that happens down there, sometimes.

5. Going sans underwear is a form of self-care

Going Commando Occasionally - Barely Simple Tips To Guide You

You feel free when you take your underwear off, right?

That is extra care you need to add to a self-care day to help you relax as comfortably as possible.

Real-life downsides of going without underwear

  • Your period can catch you unawares and mess up your clothing.
  • Occasionally, discharge may mess you up. Again, if you are at home, you can easily clean up.
  • During summertime, sweaty thighs can be yucky without panties.
  • Going commando in jeans or gym wear is not the best because the fabric may chafe your pubic area.
  • That’s why I encourage my friends only to go commando at home in loose clothes.

Here is an in-depth post on the Benefits and Precautions of Not Wearing Underwear.

Is it okay to go commando every day?

If you’re mostly at home, you can go commando daily as you’d be wearing easy clothes like basic shorts or other loose clothes.

But if you must go to work, wearing underwear before your clothes is best.

Should you go commando to bed?

Going to bed commando is very comfortable.

Also, after a long day of wearing panties, giving your area some breathing space is okay.

I go to bed commando every night. Except during my period.

Why does going commando feel so good?

It feels good to go without underwear because panties are uncomfortable sometimes.

Also, the ventilation to your feminine area makes you want to go commando every time.

Is it healthy to go commando as a woman?

Since I started going without panties, I can’t remember the last time I had an infection.

Maybe it’s just me.

But I’ve not had an infection for about, if not more than 8 years.

So going commando might be healthy for some women and girls.

The problem is going commando in leggings, jeans, or other pants.

And wearing them several times without washing them.

That can cause infections.

So to stay healthy while you go commando, it’s best to do it at home, like me.

Is it okay to go commando under leggings?

I go commando in leggings when I’m at home.

The leggings I wear at home without panties are made of cotton fabric.

But some leggings fabrics are not friendly for your privates.

So you might need to wear cotton panties with them.

However, if your leggings are made of breathable cotton fabric, you should be able to go commando in them.

How to go commando with discharge

I don’t even know the days I have discharge anymore.

Because I work from home and stay commando most of the time.

Also, I have and use a bidet after using the bathroom.

So whatever discharge I get is washed every time I use the bathroom.

My tip is to wash frequently when you go commando with discharge.

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Tips for going commando in a dress

Just like with discharge, make sure to wash your feminine area thoroughly.

So there is no smell of discharge or pee when you open your legs.

Also, make sure you are hair-free down there to reduce sweating.

And your thighs won’t feel icky in your dress.

So shave or wax, wash the area thoroughly, and wear your dress.

Lastly, make sure your period isn’t just around the corner.

Guess you know why!


Boom! How To Go Commando Part-time

So those are my tips for going commando at home.

Remember to take it one step at a time until you are comfortable.

I hope this post helps you try going commando at home without feeling weird.

Have you gone full-on commando? Or do you only skip panties when you’re at home, like me?

Please share your tips and experience with us.

Thanks for reading.

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