5 Menstrual Hygiene Tips To Smell Great On Your Period


Personal hygiene matters a lot, especially during your menstrual period.

So whatever feminine hygiene you practice, you should try to take them up a notch when bleeding down there.

Part of the reason why some people stink during that time of the month is poor feminine hygiene.

And the worst part is that some of us may not notice the funk following us.

So today, I am coming at you with five menstrual hygiene tips to smell great when bleeding down there.

Let’s dive in!

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5 Menstrual Hygiene tips to smell great

1. Get rid of pubic hair before your period begins

5 Menstrual Hygiene Tips To Smell Great On Your Period

Do you have a monthly cycle calendar?

Is it possible to add a hair removal reminder on it? I’m serious.

When you remove hairs in your private part before your period starts, there won’t be any hiding place for dry blood and bad odors.

And it also makes it easier for you to clean up thoroughly.

This homemade hard sugar wax will give you a smooth and clean feminine area before your period starts.

But if you don’t have hair down there, no need to worry about it.

2. Bathe first thing every day of your menstrual period to smell great

5 Menstrual Hygiene Tips To Smell Great On Your Period

If you normally bathe mid-day or every other day, you can’t do that when you are bleeding down there.

You need to wash first thing in the morning every friggin day of your period.

Because, in the mornings, your pad is already soaked and ready for a change.

So instead of wearing a fresh pad on your overnight blood-stained pubic area, why not take a shower before you do that?

What if the pad isn’t soaked?

Even if the pad is still looking dry, it begins to stink at some point because there’s blood on it, and you’ve had it on overnight.

Moreover, you’d feel fresh and cleaner when you bathe before wearing a new sanitary pad or tampon.

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3. Wash between feminine sanitary changes

5 Menstrual Hygiene Tips To Smell Great On Your Period

We just talked about how daily showers can keep you smelling great during that time of the month.

But you must also wash your feminine area between pad or tampon changes if you’re at home.

If you don’t have a bidet in your bathroom, you can use a travel bidet (affiliate links).

Or use an unimportant plastic bowl to fetch water and clean yourself. (Keep that bowl for future use).

When you are done, wipe your feminine area with a towel and put on another sanitary.

But if you are up and about and not comfortable cleaning up in a public toilet, use wet wipes.

This would leave you feeling fresh and clean afterward.

And don’t forget to wash your hands with soap.

Moving on…

4. Use a separate washcloth to wipe down there after rinsing

Have you ever noticed strings of blood when you are taking a shower on your period days?

Sometimes you’d notice them on your big towel, and you don’t want that.

So what you can do is use a separate towel for wiping down there after showers or rinsing between pad changes. Dark-colored ones, preferably.

And don’t forget to wash it and use a fresh one the following day.

5. Wear clean clothes every day

Last but not least menstrual hygiene tips are to keep from repeating the same clothes two days in a row.

Even if it is something you do and get away with on a normal day, don’t do it during your monthly flow.

The reason is that sometimes your clothes – pants especially – hold on to the blood smell, even without stains.

So you want to wear clean clothes every single day.

Then maybe go back to your routine after those three or four crazy days.

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Bonus tip: Use mild fragrances to smell great on your period

Lastly, remember to use deodorants, antiperspirants, or body mists as part of your menstrual hygiene routine.

You don’t have to bathe in them. Just use them sparingly.

This would keep you smelling fresh during your period.

But remember that it is better to freshen up before applying fragrances to your body.

Final Words On Menstrual Hygiene Tips To Smell Great

Simple things like bathing daily, rinsing between sanitary changes, and wearing clean clothes can keep you smelling great from the first to the last day of your menstruation.

There are other feminine hygiene practices you can start to keep odors at bay during your monthly flow.

But I hope you find these few helpful.

Do you have any menstrual hygiene tips you would like to share?

Please leave them in the comments so others can benefit from them.

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Thanks for reading.

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