Honest Review Of Always Infinity Flexfoam Pads

Honest Review Of Always Infinity Flexfoam Pads

This post is a review of the Always Infinity Flexfoam Pads.

I’ve used some Always sanitary pads in the past.

In fact, they were the only brand I used when I first started my period.

Well, until I discovered tampons, which I eventually quit for health reasons.

I discovered the flexfoam pads amongst the stuff a friend left behind when moving out.

And since I used the first one, I’ve been hooked and even bought two more boxes.

So, if you’re considering using Always Flexfoam pads, read on for my honest review of the product.

This post isn’t sponsored by Always.

I love the product and decided to write my thoughts about it.

So all opinions are mine.

Let’s dive in.

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost. I only recommend products that I trust.

Why Always Infinity Flexfoam Pads are my new favorite for menstruation

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you might remember a post about why I stopped using tampons.

Well, if you haven’t read it, the gist is that I quit tampons due to TSS (toxic shock syndrome).

And since then, I’ve only used pads.

Some I like, and some I manage to get to the end of my period.

So here are the reasons the Always Flexfoam pad beats any I have ever tried:

No skin rash from friction

Before switching to the Always Flexfoam pads, I used to dread my period.

Because wearing pads for five days in a row would cause friction and rash.

Which only disappears a few days after my period ends.

But with the flexfoam pads, I’ve not had any rashes.

The material is soft and doesn’t cause friction in my feminine area.

No wet feeling

Another thing I love about the Always Flexfoam pads is that the top layer stays dry even when soaked.

Sometimes, when changing pads, I look at the back and see it’s full.

But the top always stays dry.

We all know that wet-feeling is annoying and yucky.

Also, it makes you want to change your pads too often.

Which leads to wasting pads that haven’t done their complete job.

So, the dry, fresh feeling on top is a plus in my book for the Always Infinity Flexfoam pads.

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No leakage when using the Always Infinity flexfoam pads

Another reason I switched from pads to tampons back then was because pads leaked like crazy.

And it was annoying when I had to go back to using pads because of TSS.

But since I started using the Always flexfoam pads, I haven’t had any issues with leakage or stains.

And I guess that’s because the pad is leakproof.

So even when it’s soaked, it won’t leak from under.

Also, the wings keep the pad in place, which protects you from side or back leakages.

But my flow reduced after having babies.

I’m also on birth control, which also affects how heavy or often I have my period.

I only had leaks or stains with this pad when I wore them with the wrong panties.

Yes, there are right and wrong panties to wear menstrual pads.

The right panties are fitted, holding the pad in place with minimal movement.

It is lightweight

Before I started using the Always flexfoam pads, I used a sanitary pad that was bulky and heavy.

Even in my most fitted underwear, it felt like the weight would pull it down.

It felt like a diaper.

Friggin’ uncomfortable.

But the Flexfoam pad is thin and lightweight like it’s not even there.

It’s flexible and form-fitting

Remember those pads that were the same size from front to back?

And it makes wearing pads annoying as there’s no front or back.

Yes, we all hate them.

But the Flexfoam pad was designed to be slim in front and wider towards the end.

Meaning it works with your body.

So it won’t be squished in front and has wide enough back coverage.

No bulging

One of the reasons I stopped using pads in the past was the bulging.

I hated seeing that bulge in front that announces you’re wearing a pad.

What I love most about the Always Flexfoam Infinity pads is that they’re so flat, with no bulging.

I can wear it with leggings and not feel like everyone can see my pad.

Making my period a tad easier to manage.

The only time I noticed bulging was when I wore the pad with not-so-fitted panties.

So again, wear the right panties to keep your pads in place.

These Maidenform panties(affiliate link) are my favorite for wearing pads.

Though they’re not cotton, they do a great job keeping your pad in place.

And they show no panties line under your clothes.

Other pros of the Flexfoam pads

  • It comes in a box that sits well in your drawers.
  • So say bye to those plastic packs that lose shape once you’ve used half of the product.
  • Also, you can open and close the top of the box.
  • And it works well until you use the last pad.

Cons of the Always Flexfoam Pads

The Flexfoam pad is a great product, but it has some cons, which we’ll discuss in this section.

It’s a bit pricey

A box of Always flexfoam pads costs $10.47 on Amazon(affiliate link).

Honestly, I’ve not checked the price of pads for years.

Because we add it to our shopping list.

And my husband does the shopping, so I had no idea how much the pads cost until today, writing this post.

But I’ve seen people talk about how costly it is, that they had to switch to a different brand.

It leaves sticky stuff on some panties

I love the Always Infinity Flexfoam pads, but they’ve ruined my Maidenform panties.

The pad sticks to the panties and stays in place, right?

But the problem is taking them off.

Sometimes, when removing the pad, the wings would stick to the panty’s seams.

And when it finally comes off, it leaves a piece of sticky stuff on the panty.

But that sticky stuff peels off easily when you run cold water on it.

The main issue is that the pulling on and off, over time, ruin the panties.

Mind you, I only use them for my period.

But this doesn’t happen with my cotton panties.

Only the ones from Maidenform.

Those are all the cons that I can think of about this product.

Tips to use the Always Flexfoam pads

  • Always wear the right panties to hold your pad in place.
  • Change your pads often.
  • And remember to clean up properly before wearing a fresh pad.
  • Also, when changing your pads, sit on the toilet and squeeze like you want to pee.
  • It would release that gush of blood waiting to come out.
  • Then rinse your area with lukewarm water, put a fresh pad on, flush, and wash your hands with soap and water.
  • You’ll feel fresh if you do this whenever you change pads at home.

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To conclude this review of the Always Infinity Flexfoam Pads

I think the Always Infinity flexfoam pad is a great product.

And I’m really happy I stumbled upon it.

Though periods are not fun, I don’t dread them as much anymore.

The best part is that I can go to the gym even on my period.

And not feel like everyone can see my pads or that I’ll stain gym equipment.

So, I’ll continue using these pads until Always makes something even better.

If not, I’ll use them until I reach menopause. Lol.

Back to you, have you tried the Always Flexfoam pads?

What’s your experience like?

Please share with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next post.

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