How To Fit A Workout Routine Into Your Busy Schedule

How To Fit A Workout Routine Into Your Busy Schedule

Do you want tips to fit a workout routine into your busy schedule?

When your calendar is fully occupied, it may be almost impossible to make time for exercise.

Never mind! Most of us are in the same shoes as you.

But in this post, I’ll show you tips to create time for fitness so that you can carry out other plans you have made for the day.

None of these tips will or should disrupt your regular plans if they are well implemented.

Let’s get started.

How To Create A Workout Routine With A Busy Schedule

1. Opt for a short butt-kicking workout

Since you need to get your workout in and your schedule is pretty tight, I suggest you do a short butt-kicking exercise.

In my opinion, any workout under 10 minutes is short.

So, when you find your ideal short workout, then think about when you want to do it.

If you are an early riser who likes to get things out of the way, then do your short, effective workout in the morning.

And focus on the remaining hours of the day.

But if you don’t see yourself exercising in the morning, then nighttime is also great for quick workouts.

When I work out at night, I do it just before bedtime – and I sleep better.

2. Pick a day at a time to work a part of the body

When your schedule is too tight to fit a workout routine, another thing you can do is work out a part or section of the body at a time.

So if you work out three times a week, one day can be for your abs, another for your thighs and butt.

And then a different day for your arms.

You know what I mean.

And since the workouts are short and sweet, the body part you are exercising would feel the impact.

3. Install mobile workout apps with several short exercises

If you don’t have any mobile workout apps by now, I wonder if you live under a rock. LOL.

Anyway, check the App Store or Play Store.

There are lots of free and paid fitness apps you can install and use at home.

Since my abs are my major concern, I use the Athlean-X 6-pack Promise app by Jeff Cavaliere.

This is not a FREE app, though it has a 7-day free trial period, after which it is $3.

So check it out!

The workouts are at most eight minutes long, while the shortest is about five minutes long.

And they are unique abs home workouts you may not have seen before.

Also, Muscle & Strength is another great place to get free workout plans.

I’m currently doing one of their 3-day strength training program.

You can check it out whenever.

4. Wear your workout clothes as a reminder

If you prefer to workout in the morning, get your gym clothes out the night before.

So they act as a reminder to exercise in the morning.

I don’t pick always pick my gym clothes the night before.

But I always wear my gym clothes first thing when I wake up.

If your schedule allows you to get active in the evening, then change into your workout clothes hours before bedtime.

Also, bring out other things you need for your exercise, like a yoga mat, resistance bands, dumbells, etc.

All these things help you remember to work out before sleeping.

Just make sure they are comfortable enough to wear for a while.

5. Use a fitness planner to plan your workout routine

When you need to create time for a workout routine, a fitness planner is useful.

With it, you can slot in workout days, rest days, the exercises you need to perform, etc.

Also, the fitness planner may help you manage your main organizer.

So you know the days you do or don’t have an extra 10 minutes.

Another thing, some fitness planners have space to log your water intake.

This can help you drink more water, too.

Which is an integral part of staying fit.

Boom! How To Create A Workout Routine On A Tight Schedule

Those are five tips to fit a workout routine into your calendar.

I hope they help you achieve your fitness goals with time.

Remember, short butt-kicking exercises, fitness planners, wearing your gym clothes, etc., are just a few things that would take you closer to a good workout routine.

Do you have any suggestions to create time for exercise for busy people?

Please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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