13 Ways Yoga Before Bedtime Has Improved My Life

13 Ways Yoga Before Bedtime Has Improved My Life

Did you know that yoga before bedtime can do amazing things for your mind and body?

I’ve been a yoga lover for many years but I’m always on and off.

Then one day, I came across Adriene of YWA, and she made me fall in love with yoga all over again.

Since then, I have done her 30-day yoga series every year. And now I’m even going back to some of her old videos to start other 30 days of yoga I missed.

Right now, I’m on day 20 of True – a 30-day yoga journey, and it’s been amazing. And I have never felt this good in a long time.

Also, because I have kids, I prefer a bedtime yoga routine, and it works well for me.

So in this post, I want to share 13 ways yoga before bedtime has improved my life.

Let’s dive in.

How Yoga Before Bedtime Changed My Life

1. Better sleep

My major reason for doing yoga at night was because I wanted that time to myself without the kids.

But after a bedtime yoga session, I always fall asleep quickly, and more times than not, I stay asleep till morning.

Though there are times I have to wake up to tend to the kids if is so happens that way.

But most of the time, I sleep throughout the night.

So I found that I sleep better because of my bedtime yoga routine.

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2. Stronger body

I’ve always considered myself a strong person. Mostly physically, not necessarily mentally (still working to strengthen my mind, though).

But since my kids turned four and six, I struggle to lift them, especially when we’re dancing and playing in the house.

Whenever I try, I always feel like we might land on the floor together. But doing yoga before bedtime every night has improved my arms and whole-body strength.

Just last Saturday, we went out, and by the time we got home, the kids were asleep in the car. So I had to carry my 4-year old boy while my husband took the girl.

And I went up the stairs with a sleeping 4-year old that’s bigger than his age.

Not bragging here. Just proud of myself.

Anyway, I attribute this strength to yoga before bedtime.

3. Bye-bye back pain

Most bloggers sit a lot, even if we’ve been advised to get up and walk about once in a while.

And someone like me, I can sit and work on my laptop for hours. Maybe get up and fix lunch or dinner for the kids.

But most of the time, I’m sitting down. So this is causing me crazy lower back pain.

However, a nightly bedtime yoga routine kind of diminished this crazy lower backache, and I am dang happy about it.

As time goes on, I’d try to take breaks often and walk about.

4. Yoga before bedtime helped me create more space and time for myself

If you feel you rarely get time for yourself, then you need to start bedtime yoga.

Apart from music, yoga is the best way I can actually shift into my own world and enjoy some me-time.

And like I said before, yoga before bedtime is a huge blessing to me because the little ones are tucked in, my partner is working, and I have all the time to myself.

So even if it is 45 minutes of yoga (I love lengthy yoga sessions), I spend that time with myself, and Adrienne of course. And I savor the moment.

5. A Bedtime yoga routine can reset your mood

Most people know this. Sometimes, you’re moody and can’t place your fingers on the reason why.

That’s one of the best times to do yoga.

When I’m working, and work pressure anxiety sets in, I quickly get dressed for yoga.

This is not something I do all the time, but yeah, I have done it several times.

And by the time I’m done with the yoga practice, I feel a lot better.

And sometimes, I break down into tears in the “knocking on heaven’s door” pose. Guess I just needed to let the steam out.

After that, I usually feel and sleep better.

6. Yoga before bedtime reduced my headaches

I get crazy headaches/migraines from time to time. I believe it has to do with the amount of coffee I consume.

So when I don’t drink coffee, my body goes into withdrawal mode, and then the headache begins. And it can last for hours unless I drink coffee, take Tylenol, or do yoga.

And since yoga improves blood circulation throughout the body, I now have fewer headaches.

As for the coffee thingy, I’m beginning to cut it down. Hopefully, I can stop it soon.

I really hope because I love the taste and smell.


7. Bedtime yoga routine made me less irritable

Raising little ones is not easy and it can bring out the best and worst in you.

There are times when everything upsets me and other times, I’m like this angel mom.

Can you see my halo?

But bedtime yoga helps me cope with and manage things that make me irritable, to an extent.

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8. Progress over perfection

Another way yoga before bedtime improved my life is by teaching me to choose progress over perfection.

It doesn’t matter if it is not perfect. What matters is that you are making progress.

And this applies to yoga too.

When you are learning a new pose, you think you always have to get it right at once. And that can drive you crazy.

I know because I have been there. It is frustrating.

But it wasn’t until I learned that you need to make progress daily to actually get to where you want that I started making headway.

So I don’t care if I can’t do the “tree pose” yet, but who knows? By the of this week or someday in the future, I may be able to do it.

So progress over perfection it is.

9. Self-affirmations are very important

In my 4-year-old’s voice *self-affirmation is an important thing*. Lol.

Yup, self-affirmations are powerful, and you got to believe them when you say them.

And I’m someone who slacks sometimes, so yoga before bedtime is when I can connect and talk to myself.

With Adriene’s guide, I say things like “I am strong”, “I can do this”, and “I got this”.

The other night, I did the airplane pose on one leg, and I’ve been trying that for years.

I was calling out to my husband to come see my progress.

It is just amazing.

10. Self-love is key

If you don’t love yourself, how do you want to keep moving?

Fortunately for me, I practice yoga with Adriene, someone who shows you how to love yourself.

She says to take your time to get into a pose and move like you love yourself.

Don’t rush your body, love your body. Tell and show it that you actually love it, deeply.

Don’t compare your yoga journey to mine or anyone else’s.

Think about you, where you are. Celebrate your progress, and pat yourself on the back.

That right there is self-love.

Plus, the fact that I come and sit on the mat every night to take deep breaths, hug myself, and spend time with myself shows I love myself.

Try it, it works.

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11. Every day is a new beginning

Another thing I learned from yoga before bedtime is that every day is a new beginning.

It is another chance to explore, try something new, silence the self-limiting voice, and maybe try a new yoga pose.

Every day is an opportunity to make time for yourself and grow spiritually and physically.

Sometimes, I get inspiration for a new blog post during yoga. Other times, I stay hopeful and see where my thoughts take me.

12. Showing up is a vital part of the success

Daily or nightly yoga clarified that showing up is crucial to succeed in life.

There are nights when I want to postpone my yoga session, and if I can’t give myself a good reason for it, I end up on the mat.

And I’m always happy I did afterward.

This doesn’t mean I always show up.

Some days, I feel so tired, and no amount of motivation would get me on the mat.

But I really love to show up on that mat every night because it is fulfilling, and I’m also using that time to build mental toughness.

And so far, it is working well.

13. Falling is okay, as long as you get up again

Now this applies to most things in life.

If my bedtime yoga routine did not teach me anything, it taught me that falling is okay, as long as you get up again.

I fall during yoga. I fall as a parent. I fall as a person in trusting myself or making progress.

But what’s important is that I get up, dust myself up and try again.

Remember Aaliyah’s song?

If at first you don’t succeed,

Then dust yourself off and try again.

Aaliyah – try again


So that’s 13 ways bedtime yoga has improved my life, and changed my bedtime routine for the better.

What time of the day do you prefer to do yoga?

Can you share what yoga before bedtime has done for your mind and body?

I’m sure we can learn a few things from each other.

Thanks for reading.

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