10 Tips For Self-care For When You Are Overwhelmed

10 Tips For Self-care For When You Are Overwhelmed

Are you interested in a few tips for self-care when stress and overwhelm kick in?

We all have those days when everything just seems too much.

And the worst part is when you have no idea how to get out of that space.

Now, as a mom, I get really overwhelmed that I break down and cry.

But crying is not always the solution to beat overwhelm.

So today, I have ten self-care ideas for when you are overwhelmed.

Hopefully, you may pick a few helpful tips to overcome stress.

Let’s dive in.

10 Tips For Self-care When Stressed Out

1. Take a break

When I am overwhelmed, the first thing I do is take a break from whatever I’m doing.

It is possible the workload in front of you is driving you crazy.

So get up from all that, walk about, stretch your legs, relax, and reboot.

Also, taking time off your work can give you better ideas to work more efficiently.

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2. Clear your space and clear your mind

Another self-care idea for stressful and overwhelming days is to clear your space.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot function properly in a disorganized place.

To me, it feels like everything is on my head, and my neck can’t carry it anymore.

So, if you can, organize your workspace, living room, or wherever you are when overwhelmed.

It can give you a sense of peace and calm.

You can even fold the laundry that has been on the chair – if you’re at home.

The times I fold all the laundry is mostly when I am overwhelmed.

Maybe laundry folding is my therapy. LOL.

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3. Practice breathing exercises

Breathing is known to help you relax.

That’s why parents and even teachers tell you to take a deep breath when you are overwhelmed or upset.

So practice some breathing exercises.

But if you are at home, lie on the floor – preferably on your back – with or without a pillow.

You can even get more from that by resting your legs elevated against a wall.

Laying in this position helps relieve stress and also improves blood circulation.

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4. Rehydrate with a glass of water

There are times you are overwhelmed simply because you are dehydrated.

So, drinking water may help you feel better.

According to this post from Solara Mental Health, Water, Depression, and Anxiety, “Dehydration increases stress in your body. 

And drinking lots of water can help reduce the negative effects of the stress on your body”.

One of the ways I stay hydrated is by keeping my water within reach at all times.

That way, I don’t have the excuse of being too lazy or tired to get up to rehydrate.

Consider having at least a bottle of water in your workstation to gulp down when the stress kicks in.

Here is a helpful post about tricks to drink more water.

5. Listen to music

Another self-care tip for when you are overwhelmed is to listen to music.

I’ve been a music lover for a very long time, and it is my tiny secret hideout from all the stress of the world.

Soft rock especially always relates to whatever I am going through, somehow.

So you are sure to find Coldplay, Keane, and lots more on my playlist.

I have no idea what kind of music you like.

But I know listening to music can help you relieve stress.

If the music makes you want to dance, don’t hold back.

Dance for real or in your mind.

Get your feel-good hormones pumping.

6. Take a shower with aromatherapy products

If you are at home, taking a shower may help you relax when you are overwhelmed.

And adding an aromatherapy soap or body wash to the mix makes everything even better.

Bath products containing essential oils can really soothe you and also improve your mood.

If you don’t mind getting your hair wet, let the water run on your head.

It is super relaxing.

The best showers I have taken when stressed are the ones with water flowing on my head.

Those are the showers of life. Haha!

But if you don’t want your hair wet, it is perfectly okay.

And you would still get the benefits of showering to overcome stress.

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7. Change into comfortable clothes

If you are stressed and overwhelmed, sometimes changing the clothes you are wearing could help.

I noticed that tight clothes with collars tend to choke and sometimes overwhelm me.

And it gets even worse when I am stressed.

When I was working 9 to 5, I would take my jacket off to let in some air and get relief from the choking feeling.

But here at home, I would wear a lightweight loose-fitting tank top and small shorts.

It is very comfy and free.

8. When overwhelmed, get some shut eyes and mouth too

Silence is golden, and you’d never really appreciate it until you are crazy overwhelmed by noise or something else.

Talking to the kids all day exhausts me, and I crave quiet time as if my life depended on it.

I guess my life really depends on it.

When I feel that way, I do not want to talk to anyone and don’t want anybody talking to me.

So, a bit of a shut mouth and maybe sneaking in a few minutes of shut eyes can help relieve stress.

You can try that.

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9. Watch your favorite TV show

When feeling overwhelmed, watching TV may be the last thing on your mind.

But you’ll never know.

And since watching TV is a form of relaxation, it can put you in a better mood.

I enjoy comedy sitcoms. My favorites are Martin, The Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother.

They help me unwind and slowly get out of that funk.

Find what you enjoy watching, and laugh or cry your heart out.

10. Call or talk to someone

If these self-care tips, when overwhelmed, don’t work, then consider talking to someone.

Let them know you are not okay, that you are stressed, etc.

When stuff just ain’t working, I talk to my husband.

Sometimes, I call my cousin, who is also my closest pal, when I need to talk or even vent.

She’s a great listener, very understanding, and won’t judge me.

And that’s more than enough for me.

So, if you have a close friend or partner you can talk to, do that.

They may even make you laugh and cheer you up or just listen to you.

Having someone to listen to and understand what you are going through greatly helps.

But if there’s no one you can talk to, I will be right here.


Boom! 10 Self-care Tips For When You Are Stressed

So that’s ten tips for self-care when overwhelmed.

If you tried all these and nothing seems to work, don’t be shy, just cry your eyes out.

That’s mostly the best solution for me.

Never miss the chance to cry uninterrupted.

What are your ideas for self-care when overwhelmed?

Please share them with us.

Thanks for reading!

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