30 Self-care Sunday Tips You’d Love


While Saturdays are for resting after a long week, Sundays should be more chill because it is the day before another busy week.

Sundays are great for spending time by yourself and doing things you enjoy.

So in this post, I’ll share 30 self-care Sunday tips you can start this weekend.

Let’s begin.

30 Self-care Sunday Ideas For Better Week Ahead

Self-care Sunday tips for health

1. Get more sleep


On Sundays, maybe spend a few more hours in bed.

Cuddle up with your partner or pet.

Don’t get up too early like on other days.

You’d need all the rest you can get because Monday is just around the corner.

2. Do yoga

Maybe you were busy the who,e week and couldn’t get some workout.

Why not make Sundays your yoga day?

Play one of Adrienne’s yoga videos, or do yoga with the poses you’re familiar with.

Stretch, connect with yourself and enjoy the flow.

3. Take a long walk

Some Sundays, I get overwhelmed because it is also my rest day from workouts.

So I get this urge to do something to get my heart rate up.

Sometimes I get very restless and won’t feel okay until I go for a walk.

So I wear my workout clothes and shoes, play music, and take a 2 to 3-mile-long walk.

You can try that too.

4. Drink lots of water

It would be best if you were drinking lots of water daily.

But if you don’t, ensure you drink more water on Sundays since you’re home.

And if the water is too boring, add some fruits to flavor it.

5. Go commando for a day

Another self-care Sunday tip you’d love is going commando.

Don’t know what that means?

It means not wearing panties.

Imagine wearing panties the whole week morning to morning.

Why not take a few hours or a day off without panties?

I always do it, and it feels great not to have those pesky panties bugging you.

Self-care Sunday tips for self-improvement

6. Practice gratitude


What are you thankful for?

You have a family who loves you.

You have a job or business that makes you money to live on.

Or you’re thankful for the pets that keep you company when you’re alone.

Practicing gratitude regularly can improve your life.

7. Create a swear jar

Do you find yourself always cussing?

Creating a swear jar is one of many ways to check how often you curse and help you take control of it.

Also, let’s look at it as a way to save some loose change.

So create that swear jar and get a friend or family member to keep you in check.

And make sure you drop that coin every time you swear.

8. Remind yourself how beautiful you are

Sometimes we need to help get ourselves out of that lack of self-confidence.

So if you have to look in the mirror daily to tell yourself you’re beautiful, please do it.

Sometimes, I wear something nice, look in the mirror and admire myself.

It may sound or look vain, but it works.

9. Read a book


If you love reading books, add reading o your Sunday self-care ideas.

I work all week, but I relax with a book or one of my favorite sitcoms on weekends.

One of the books I’m currently reading is The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k.

Self-care tips for decluttering

10. Clear your underwear drawer

Sundays are excellent for clearing your underwear drawers and throwing away old bras and panties.

Check your dresser for bras or pantied you haven’t worn in ages because they don’t fit, and throw them away.

11. Clean under your bed

Most dist in the bedroom hide under the bed.

So consider cleaning under your bed maybe once in two weeks.

Or whatever schedule works best for you.

12. Do your laundry


Sunday is a good day to throw those dirty clothes in the washer and let them spin away.

So you’d have freshly laundered clothes to wear for the week.

13. Declutter your fridge

Check your fridge for stale or expired food, and toss them in the bin.

Wipe out your fridge, and rearrange stuff.

Also, remember to put a baking soda box in your fridge to remove odors.

Self-care Sunday tips for food

14. Make yourself a pancake

Another self-care tip for Sundays is to make yourself a good breakfast.

Make yourself a regular pancake, or try an oatmeal version.

I love oatmeal pancakes because they’re more healthy and filling.

15. Meal plan for the week.

Sundays are great for meal planning if your week is always busy and tight.

So do some light meal prepping, cook some dishes, and keep them in the fridge.

And you’d have food to eat for the week.

16. Drink a glass of wine

Oh! Let’s not forget to treat ourselves to a glass of wine with our Sunday dinner.

So open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, and give yourself a treat.

But don’t drink so much that you’d find getting up the next day hard.

Let’s be responsible.

17. Visit an ice cream parlor

If you have some friends, go out and have some ice cream.

My favorite ice cream place is Ben & Jerry’s.

My kids love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake, so we get one for their birthdays.

But occasionally, enjoy a few scoops from the ice cream parlor.

Beauty tips for self care Sundays

18. Get a mani-pedi

Book one and get it done if you can afford a professional mani-pedi.

But if you can’t, soak your feet with water, shower gel, and bath slats.

When your feet are soft, buff and rinse them.

Then use your favorite nail polish.

Check out this Cinnamon Foot Scrub Recipe ā€“ For An At-Home Pedicure.

19. Do an at-home facial


You don’t have to do anything fancy.

But you can use a flawless hair remover to remove facial hair.

Then exfoliate, wear a face mask, and moisturize your skin afterward.

20. Take a long relaxing bubble bath.

After a long week, I love to relax in a bubble bath.

Bubble baths are relaxing and so much fun.

So add some bath salts, essential oils, bath foam, and rose petals, and relax.

You can also play your favorite music if you like.

21. Light some candles

Candles go well with bubble baths.

But you can light them in your room to freshen up your space.

And don’t forget to blow them out before leaving the room or house.

22. Wash your makeup sponges and brushes.

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes?

Do you know that dirty makeup brushes can cause breakouts?

So this Sunday, soak your makeup brushes in soap and water and wash them.

Your face will thank you.

23. Wash your hair


Also, if your hair is dirty, you’d break out too.

So make sure to add hair washing to your beauty self-care Sunday things.

And don’t forget to use a good hair conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and soft.

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Self-care tips for fun

24. Waste time on Pinterest

I love saving ideas on Pinterest.

But sometimes Pinterest is distracting and time-consuming.

So it’s best to waste time on Pinterest on a Sunday when you have nothing serious to do.

25. Watch your favorite TV shows

Oh my! I love watching Mike& Molly on Saturdays and Sundays.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Please let me know in the comments.

26. Wear pajamas all-day


Pajama pants are very comfortable.

That’s why we love them.

So if you’ve been working all week, wearing serious clothes, some Sundays, you should wear pajama pants and chill.

27. Groom your plant

If you have a garden or houseplants, take time to groom them.

Give your plants some water and food.

Remove dead leaves, and keep the plant pot clean.

28. Sing and dance to upbeat music

Another fun thing you can do for self-care Sunday is playing your favorite music and dance.

Be silly, and live a little more.

Life is already hard; it’s okay to be silly sometimes.

Self-care Sunday tips for a good week

29. Make your to-do list

Before the day is up, make sure to plan the week.

It reminds you of what to do so you’re not overwhelmed with stuff.

I have a book by my bed or sometimes on my end table where I write things to do for the week.

Though I don’t use it regularly.

But the few times I followed the plan in my book, I was less overwhelmed with things to do.

Guess I should plan more.

30. Sleep earlier than you usually do

Lastly, go to bed early on Sundays.

Make a cup of sleepy tea, drink it, and sleep like a baby.

Sleeping early will help you wake up better the next day.


30 Excellent Ideas For Self-care Sundays You'd Love


Boom! 30 self-care Sunday tips for enjoying the weekend and planning a new week.

What are your favorite self-care Sunday tips?

Please share them with us.

Thanks for reading.

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