Begin The Year With YWA 30-Day Yoga Journey

I thought I’d remind you to get on-board the YWA 30-day yoga journey.

I’m always looking forward to these yoga series with Adriene because they are transformative and a great way to begin the year.

This is an opportunity to practice yoga with other yogis around the world this January.

It started last night, and you can join right away if you don’t want to be one video behind.

But even if that’s the case, don’t worry, you’re doing great.

The most important thing, according to Adriene, is showing up on the mat every day.

Begin The Year With YWA 30-Day Yoga Journey

Also, please read my review of last year’s 30-day yoga journey titled Home.

So this is how it all went down on day 1 of Breathe.

YWA 30-Day Yoga Journey And Me

The introductory video

The introduction video came out on January 1st, 2021.

In the video, Adriene welcomes you to the program and does a few breathing exercises with you.

Then she talks about a few things you may need for your practice, like blankets, towels, etc.

Then the very first video

It was released on January 2nd, just last night, and it was 40 something minutes long.

What happened was I worked late and completely forgot about yoga. Only to lay in bed at 3 am and saw a notification that came in at 1 am.

I contemplated getting on the mat because I was thinking about the length of the video. Which meant I’d be going to bed at 4 am.

After much contemplation, I got ready for practice.

How the practice went

Begin The Year With YWA 30-Day Yoga Journey

Honestly, I haven’t practiced much yoga lately. So last night or early this morning, I felt like a newbie again, and I loved it.

Besides, that’s the point of the 30-day journey.

So I’m grateful I decided to show up this year.

My body that’s been tensed for a while due to sitting, and working for hours, unwound a bit.

Something interesting happened

So towards the end of the video, we all relaxed in a corpse pose.

You won’t believe that your girl fell asleep and didn’t get to say Namaste with the rest of the YWA community.

And another video started playing before I finally woke up.

The funniest part was it took about a minute to realize I was watching a different video.

I even tried to rewind to where I dozed off. Lol.

How I felt afterward

Finally, I made it to my bed and slept like a baby. Now I’m here well-rested even if it was just for 5 hours.

And I’m now looking forward to day 2.

Begin The Year With YWA 30-Day Yoga Journey

So my message to you today is…

Please join this YWA 30-day yoga journey and begin your year strong and make stuff happen.

Start right now if you can. If not, that’s okay.

I doubt I’d miss a day because my brain has programmed itself to show up every night when the kids are asleep.

So I can enjoy the quiet, and most importantly, connect with myself without distractions.

I wish you all the best. I can’t wait to see your transformation.

Remember to BREATHE tonight.

Thanks for reading.

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