I Ate Kale Breakfast Salad For 5 Days, This Happened

If you knew eating kale breakfast salad could benefit your health in so many ways, would you try it?

Before now, I had no idea that eating kale salad for breakfast would make a significant difference to my body in and out.

I guess the noise about the taste was way louder than the facts about its health benefits,

But my eating kale salad wasn’t planned because – to start with – I didn’t even buy the vegetables.

A friend happened to buy a bag of veggies but had to go out of town, so she asked me to pick them up.

And that’s how I came across this green I had only heard of but never seen, only to search Google and learned that it was kale.

I Ate Kale Breakfast Salad For 5 Days, This Happened

Long story short, I ate kale breakfast salad for five days – at least, that’s how long it lasted – and all these things happened.

Let’s dive in.

I Ate Kale Breakfast Salad For Five Days And This Happened To My Body

1. Regular bowel movement

The first change I noticed was a regular bowel movement. I had no idea kale breakfast salad could do that for me because I had suffered from a slow metabolism for years.

So this was a significant change to my health and wellbeing.

2. Clearer natural glowing skin after eating kale breakfast salad

So I stood in front of the mirror one morning, and I noticed my skin was glowing more than before.

I had fewer pimples on my face, and my skin was brighter and more even-toned. It reminded me of when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Before you say maybe I was actually expecting, I’ve been on birth control for three years now.

Here’s a post about my three years’ experience on Jadelle Implant Birth Control.

Anyway, I was glowing like Robert Pattinson in Twilight, and I loved it. Lol.

3. Less bloating, flatter tummy, and weight loss

The third thing I observed was less bloating, and of course, a flatter belly.

I guess I lost a few pounds too.

Though I didn’t have a scale to check my weight, my clothes weren’t as tight as they were before that time.

I Ate Kale Salad For Breakfast For 5 Days! This Is What Happened To Me.

4. Strength to complete my workouts

Now, I’m not saying kale made my workouts easy. No.

Because if it did, then that means I wasn’t doing them correctly.

I’m only saying I was able to start and complete my workouts because I had more strength.

Moreover, my exercises were 15 to 20 minutes long and used to kick my butt.

So the extra strength to finish my workout sessions was something to relish.

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5. Less fatigue

After a breakfast of kale salad, I felt full but not tired.

Do you know that sleepy feeling that comes after eating? It is food fatigue.

I used to get it a lot.

When it happens, I just want to switch off and dream about the food I just ate.

But for some reason, I hardly felt food fatigue during the five days of eating kale salad for breakfast.

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Was eating kale breakfast salad the reason for the changes I observed?

I asked myself this question over and over.

  • Can you lose weight when you eat kale salad?
  • Does kale speed up your metabolism?
  • Is kale beneficial to the skin?

Then I found this article, Health benefits of eating kale, that answered my questions.

And you can only imagine how satisfying it was.

Now don’t go consuming all the kale you can find. There are side effects of eating too much kale.

Remember, moderation is key.

Simple Kale breakfast salad recipe

With all the amazing things that happened to me when I ate kale, I thought I’d share my salad recipe with you.

So here’s a simple breakfast salad, with or without kale:

  • kale,
  • cucumber,
  • tomatoes,
  • green bell pepper,
  • cabbage,
  • onions,
  • carrots &
  • boiled eggs or grilled chicken.

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I Ate Kale Salad For Breakfast For 5 Days! This Is What Happened To Me.

Let’s Wrap Up! I Had Kale Breakfast Salad For 5 Days

So this happened to me after eating kale breakfast salad for five days. I lost weight, got healthier skin, and had more strength to do my workout from start to finish.

Now over to you. Do you like kale? Have you eaten it before?

Lastly, do you have a kale salad recipe you’d love to share with us?

Please let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I love this idea! Most people dont think to have a salad for breakfast, I love having kale smoothies for breakfast but will definitely have to try the salad thing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Those people have no idea what they are missing! lol. Since I started having a salad for breakfast, there’s no going back. Maybe the next time I have kale, I would try some kale smoothie. Thanks for reading, Skylar.

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