Beginner Runner: How I Run 3.7 Miles Every Week

I’ve been a beginner runner for a while now, always on and off the tracks or streets in my case.

I started running to push myself out of my comfort zone in physical activities and to get out of the house more.

Anyway, running has been hard for me.

Sometimes, I get a post-running knee or shin injury that takes several days to heal before I go out there again.

You know you shouldn’t run on injured knees. You’d only hurt yourself more.

Recently, I read an article about running and doing yoga after for better recovery.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the article to link in this post, but I’d add it once I do find it.

Beginner Runner: How I Run 3.7 Miles Every Week

Anyway, that’s one of the best pieces of advice I ever got as a beginner runner.

And it motivated me to start running again as part of my Healthy Lifestyle Habits.

And I’ll be sharing my experience so far in this post.

Let’s dive in.

How I Run 3.7 Miles As A Beginner Runner

Create a running routine that I can stick to

Beginner Runner: How I Run 3.7 Miles Every Week

When I first started, I didn’t have a routine. So I just run in the evenings or whenever I felt like it.

And because of that, it was somewhat difficult to keep up and felt like a chore.

I’m not saying running is easy. It is friggin hard.

Anyway, when I got back into running this summer, I chose morning runs.

This way I run first thing in the morning, get back, do some yoga, and then face the rest of the day.

Also, morning runs fit my family’s current schedule and gives us time to relax in the evenings.

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Install a running app

Before I got the app, I’d set a timer, and work out for that amount of time, get it done, and dusted.

It worked a bit but I needed guidance.

So I tried the Map My Run premium version for 14 days and decided I’d pay for a year.

Now I have a digital running coach to guide me.

With the app, I can plan how many days I want to run and the miles I want to cover weekly.

Also, there are some helpful pre and post-run workouts for performance and recovery, which I have never done.

I actually prefer brisk walking as a pre-run workout.

Lastly, the Map My Run app notifies me when I’ve covered a mile, how much time I have left, and when it’s time to cool down.

So I know how long it takes me to run a mile, and I can check my progress on the app.

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Running on interval days

As a running beginner, I had no idea what I was doing, so I thought I could just start and run every day.

How wrong I was. This left me injured for days.

And thanks to the app and this article from the Map My Run blog, I learned that beginners should start running on interval days.

This can help you avoid injuries, burnout, and recover better.

So I entered on the running app that I want to run three times a week, and I’ve run every other day since then.

This has helped me deal with recovery and prepare for my next run.

Also, it is a schedule I can manage and it works great for my body.

Beginner Runner: How I Run 3.7 Miles Every Week

I do run-walk intervals as a beginner runner

This was also suggested by the Map My Run coach since I’m a beginner.

The first week, I ran and walk at one-minute intervals.

I had no idea how long a minute was until I started running exercises.

I was out of breath most of the time. OMG!

But I’ve advanced to 3 minutes walk/run intervals.

Hopefully, I’ll make more progress with time and coaching from the Map My Run coach.

Post-running yoga for recovery

Beginner Runner: How I Run 3.7 Miles Every Week

I love and enjoy yoga. So when I found that it can help you recover post-running, I was elated.

And because I practice yoga daily, I just do it after running and also on my off-run days.

Let me be honest with you, yoga post-running is crazy.

The first time I tried it, my legs were hurting like crazy, and they still do to date.

But unlike when I had no post-run workout, I’m less sore and I can go about my daily activities afterward with little to no pain in my legs.

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Focus on myself

I don’t know about you, but I believe running is somewhat intimidating.

And when you’re a beginner runner, you think everyone is looking at, judging, or even laughing at you.

You’d feel like you’re struggling a lot to put one foot in front of the other. But yes, you’re fighting and making progress, and that’s what matters.

And while you think other runners are judging you, that may not be the case.

Heck, they might be struggling just like you and keeping a brave face.

But that does not mean there are no jack@$$es out there. There are lots of them.

But focusing on myself and keeping my eyes on the prize helps me make daily progress.

And I’ve exchanged smiles with a few other runners which I find encouraging…

Okay, you get the gist.

How I run more than 3 miles weekly as a beginner

Taking one day at a time as a beginner runner

Even if I get up every other day and go for a run, it is a tough mental challenge for me.

Sometimes, my heart skips a beat just at the thought of gearing up and going out the door.

Other times, I’m good until I realize I’m about to run uphill.

Running uphill scares me to my core because it is not easy especially for beginner runners.

So every time I approach a hill, I try to give it my best, I might stop midway but I manage to finish because I need that glute workout.

And I rest for a few seconds before I continue.

Oh! How about running downhill?

Honestly, I mostly walk downhill, because I’m scared I’d injure my knees. But I’m working on it.

Listen to upbeat music

Another way I cope as a beginner runner is through upbeat music.

Before I step out, I start my rap playlist and blast music all the way.

Though it is entertaining, it helps me face the mountains in my head and the hills before me.

All in all, I can’t do without music, so it is a crucial part of my daily routine.


While I don’t drink water before or during my running workouts, I always drink 890mls after.

It cools and relaxes my body after a long run.

Check out some tricks to drink more water.

Change my running route

So I usually run a particular route around the neighborhood from one end and come back the other. This is usually 1.88 miles.

And from the stop sign on my street, I’m already running uphill which makes me tired quickly.

So I decided to take the opposite direction and come back the other way round. It was the same distance but I was a tad more manageable.

Now, let me also add that I figured I’ve been running in bad form.

Lucky me, that day two runners ran past me and I watched how their feet landed, in short, their form, and I copied them.

Yup, not ashamed to say that.

And believe me when I say I ran almost three minutes without stopping and it felt good.

So good form was part of it.

I just hope I’d remember to always run in proper form for better performance.

Beginner Runner: How I Run 3.7 Miles Every Week

Conclusion on How I Run 3.7 Miles As a Running Beginner

Boom! That’s how I run 3.7 miles every other day as a running beginner.

And thanks to the running app, I now feel like I have an idea of what I’m doing and ways to avoid injuries or burnout.

I understand that running is not easy but the little progress I make daily moves me closer to my goal.

Are you a beginner runner?

How is it going? Can you share your experience to encourage other beginners?

Thanks for reading.

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