Jadelle Implant Birth Control – After 5 Years Review

As it began to look like I might fall pregnant every time my husband sneezed, I decided to get the Jadelle implant birth control.

My sweet son was only four months old when I called the hospital to book an appointment for a family planning procedure.

Even if I’ve heard about several family planning methods, I hadn’t decided for sure the one I’d use.

And that’s partly because of the side effects people talk about, like every woman’s body is the same.

Even if we’ve been told countless times that that’s not the case.

Jadelle Implant Birth Control - After 5 Years Review

Moreover, birth control is personal, and you are the only one who gets to pick the method you prefer.

But that’s not to say it would work for you.

So take note of that.

I have friends who said the Jadelle implant didn’t work for them.

Do you see what I mean?

On that note, I thought I’d share my experience using the Jadelle Implant birth control five years later.

The Jadelle implant has been removed and replaced with Nexplanon.

Please read my review of Nexplanon at the bottom of this page.

Let’s get started.

My Review of The Jadelle Implant Birth Control Method

When I made up my mind about family planning

As I said at the beginning, I decided to get family planning done four months after the baby’s delivery.

And I had just left my 9 to 5 job and wanted to use my HMO before it expires.

Lucky, my plan was still active until the end of the calendar year.

So it covered baby delivery, immunizations, and also family planning.

However, it didn’t cover the Jadelle implant birth control, so I had to pay for the drug, not the procedure.

I thought that was a good plan considering we didn’t pay a penny from pocket for delivery and pediatric care.

My appointment day

Before the medical staff performs the procedure, the standard routine is to first inform you about different family planning methods.

Then you get to decide the one you prefer.

You’re joking if you think the doctor or nurse would tell you the best method.

Their job is to educate you about it, and you make a choice based on what you’ve learned.

And the procedure would be done the same day if it is okay with the patient.

So after that interesting lecture on family planning methods – and back and forth calls with my husband – I chose the Jadelle implant birth control.

Three years later, I’m still on it.

Continue reading.

Jadelle Implant Birth Control - After 5 Years Review

Why I chose the Jadelle Implant birth control method

Surely you’re wondering why I chose the implant out of the others.

And I’d give you my reason.

Before I ever thought of getting married and having kids, I used to wish there was an alternative to IUD.

It just didn’t sit well with me because of the funny stories I’ve heard.

Some said the IUD went missing in their bodies, they mistakenly pulled the string, or had infections and whatnot.

Though these stories may be true, the thought of vaginal infections freaked me out.

As for The Pill, I didn’t even think twice about it; swallowing medicines isn’t something I want to do every day.

With those two out of the equation.

My best choice was the Jadelle implant birth control because it stays in my arm, not my mouth or belly.

And most especially not down there.

How the procedure was performed

After making my choice, the matron prepared me for the Jadelle implant procedure.

Saying I was nervous is an understatement.

But the matron was very professional, and she held my baby.

At the same time, I took deep breaths to relax before the procedure.

The implants – the size of a matchstick – are usually inserted in your less-dominant arm, and that’s my left.

So she cleaned the area, injected local anesthesia, and made a tiny incision before inserting the Jadelle implants.

Though it wasn’t painful, I still remember how it felt moving into my skin.

I’m sorry I can’t explain the feeling, even if I’m feeling it right now.

The implant also left a faint V-shaped mark on my arm, so if you know what it is, you’ll know what it is.

How I felt after the procedure and the days that followed

The matron mentioned I might spot after the procedure, and of course, I did.

And after that, my period became crazy irregular.

There were months I didn’t have my period.

Oh Lordy, was I happy? Yes, I was.

On rare occasions, the birth control implanted would itch, and my arm would ache for a while.

Plus, the implant also left a faint V-shaped mark on my arm, so if you know what it is, you’ll know what it is.

It’s weird having an implant, but that’s what it is.

And my kids like to touch and play with it, but I don’t let them because it is uncomfortable.

Plus, something in my head thinks it might break. Lol.

Jadelle Implant Birth Control - After 5 Years Review

Did I gain weight from using The Jadelle Implant Birth Control method?

Now I cannot, in good faith, attribute my weight gain to the Jadelle implant.

And that’s because I have gained and lost weight during these three years on family planning.

Plus, I know my weight gain is connected to my nutrition, which I am working on, and getting results. Between, I recently lost 11lbs from January to October this year.

So you see what I mean?

See the post about How I Used My Fitness Pal To Lose Weight Sustainably.

Did I ever fall pregnant while on Jadelle Implant?

I have missed my period several times – in these three years – but have not fallen pregnant.

Moreover, the Jadelle implant lasts up to five years, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Then again, it is improbable.

You may also enjoy the Side Effects of Jadelle (Levonorgestrel Implants).

Lastly, will I choose Jadelle again when the five years run out

Yes, I’d love to use the Jadelle implant again.

But since this brand is not available in the US, I’d know what options are available when the time comes.

Fingers crossed.


The Jadelle implant finally ran out.

And I replaced it with the Nexplanon birth control implant.

Please read this post on how I Switched To Nexplanon Birth Control Implant – My Review.

Jadelle Implant Birth Control - After 5 Years Review

Wrapping It Up! Jadelle Implant Family Planning Method

So that’s my experience with the Jadelle implant family planning method 3 years in.

Yours may be entirely different, and that’s the way it is.

Remember your body and how it reacts to birth control methods are unique.

Take people’s speculations as mere speculations, nothing more.

Have you tried or are currently on the Jadelle implant birth control?

Please share your experience with us.

Thanks for reading, as always.

And remember to pin me.

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I currently have one under my arm. But my husband still wears a rubber before we get intimate because I’m still scared I might get pregnant ????

    1. Hi Faith,
      I used Jadelle for almost five years and nothing happened. I only changed it recently to Nexplanon birth control implant (what they use in the US) after my well-woman visit. If you’re worried you might get pregnant, you need to talk to your gynecologist. Jadelle birth control implant is one of the safest birth control products out there.
      I hope this helps.
      xx, Buayifa.

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