How I Got Comfortable At The Gym As A Woman – 10 Things I Did

How I Got Comfortable At The Gym As A Woman - 10 Things I Did
This is my first-ever gym photo. And maybe my last. lol

I wasn’t always comfortable at the gym.

It’s even a miracle that I could take a picture.

You can see I didn’t put much work into it.

But as for working out, I’m friggin comfortable.

So, this blog post will discuss how to get comfortable at the gym as a woman.

And we’ll also discuss things you shouldn’t do.

If you’re scared of the gym or you’ve been going but are still shy, you might find this post helpful.

Let’s dive in.

How to get comfortable at the gym as a woman – 10 things to do

How I Got Comfortable At The Gym As A Woman - 10 Things I Did

We all feel shy going to the gym for the first time because it’s new, and we’re self-conscious about working out around other people.

But here are ten things I did to get comfortable at the gym:

1. Go with a partner/buddy/trainer

When I started going to the gym, I went with my husband.

He was already familiar with the gym and equipment.

So, having someone guide me on using machines and doing my workouts in good form was helpful.

If you have a friend who’s been going to the gym, you can tag along with them.

That way, you won’t feel alone and awkward.

I see lots of people that come in with their friends, spouses, partners, etc.

And you’d see one person showing the other how to do some workouts.

And I was one of those people, too.

So, find a buddy to start with.

But you’ll still be okay if you don’t have anyone to go with.

2. Have a workout plan

To feel comfortable at the gym as a woman, you must have a workout plan.

You don’t need to buy an expensive workout program.

There are lots of free workout programs on the Muscle & Strength website.

And there are links to show you how the workout is done.

That’s where I got the 3-day workout I’m currently doing.

Check it out, and find one that works for you.

So that when you get to the gym, you know exactly what to do today and the days after.

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3. Remind yourself that no one’s looking at you

Most of us feel uncomfortable at the gym because we think people are watching us.

But the truth is most people aren’t looking at you.

They’re only thinking about their workout.

So, if you see someone resting and looking in your direction, they’re probably looking in the mirror.

Or they’re just looking around just like normal people.

Besides, anyone who’s looking at you and making faces is at the gym for the wrong reasons.

Also, remember, you have the right to be there.

So ignore them.

But overall, most people at the gym mind their own business.

4. Get your music

If you love music, please go to the gym with your headphones and blast your favorite beats.

Hyped-up music gets you in the mood to work out and keeps you in the zone.

Also, I find listening to music at the gym helps me focus on my workout and transports me to another world.

Just search for workout music on your music app, and you’ll find something you like.

But if you don’t like music (which is weird, lol), maybe listen to your favorite podcast.

Just something that helps you focus and do your workouts.

5. Start light and progress

To get comfortable at the gym, starting light and working your way up is important.

You don’t want to lift too heavy and hurt yourself.

Also, it’s always better to start light and progress with time.

And starting light helps you learn better form, so you won’t get hurt when you start going heavier.

Because I used to work out at home with dumbells, I started with the same weights when I joined the gym.

But with time, I started going heavier and made more progress.

6. Wear what you feel comfortable in

Wearing clothes you feel good and comfortable in also helps at the gym.

You don’t want to wear leggings that keep running down when you move a little.

I have a pair of leggings that always move down.

And I have to adjust them over and over.

So, I stopped wearing them to the gym.

I don’t want clothes that I have to keep adjusting and making it hard to work out.

If you like sports bras but don’t want to show your belly, try long-line ones with high-waisted leggings.

But if you’re fine showing skin, good.

The plan is for you to wear what you feel comfortable in.

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7. See others as inspiration, not competition

Seeing other people with their toned bodies and whatnot can feel intimidating.

Some of us can even go as far as seeing them as a competition.

But you must understand that that person might have been working out for years.

They didn’t achieve their goals within two weeks of being at the gym.

So, instead of seeing them as competition or feeling intimidated, see them as an inspiration.

If this person can do this, then I can too.

But it takes one day at a time.

Not jumping from leg pressing 50 lbs to 180 lbs within a week.

You’ll get injured.

Take your time, know that you’re in competition with yourself, and use others as inspiration.

8. Ask for help when you need it

One of the things that helped me feel comfortable at the gym was helpful folks.

The thing about me is that I’m not afraid to ask for help anywhere I go.

If I don’t understand how a particular gym equipment works, and my hubby isn’t close by, I’ll ask anyone around.

Also, if I see you doing a workout I’d like to try, I can ask you to show me.

Once, I asked a lady to show me how to do the core workout she was doing.

She showed me and advised me to start with a lightweight and correct form before going heavier.

Since then, I’ve added that core workout to my routine.

So don’t be scared to ask for help at the gym.

Most people are willing to help.

And if someone acts like a jerk because you asked for help, eff them.

9. Watch and learn good form from others

The other day at the gym, I was doing the same ab workout as the guy beside me.

And while resting, I looked at the way he did it.

Then, I tried it, and it felt more effective.

Which made me realize I’ve been doing it wrong for years.

So, I gave him a thumbs-up.

You can ask or look at the way someone else is doing their workout.

That is if you’re interested in the workout.

Then try it yourself.

10. Lastly, know that consistency and a good diet are what gets you results

Most people who start and quit the gym think they’ll achieve their body or weight goals within a month.

And when they don’t see quick results, they quit.

But to be comfortable at the gym, be consistent, and eat quality foods.

You must think of it as a lifestyle.

And over time, you’ll start feeling stronger and see your body change.

The strength comes before the changes you see in your before and after pictures.

So be consistent with your workouts and diet, and know that it’s a journey.

It took me years of working out to get to where I could rock a swimsuit last summer.

But before the visible results, I felt stronger.

I could squat to pick up things and feel no back pain – I used to have back pain.

Also, I can lift my growing kids and not be out of breath.

Then I continued working out and began to see my body change.

Now I feel comfortable in swimsuits and look better in my clothes.

What to not do if you want to feel comfortable at the gym

I’ve seen people say if you’re shy at the gym, hide in a corner, blah blah blah.

In this section, I’m going to tell you things that you shouldn’t do if you want to be comfortable at the gym.

Don’t hide in a tiny corner to work out.

I know it’s your first time at the gym, and you’re self-conscious.

I get it; I’ve been there.

But to feel comfortable at the gym as a woman, I had to work in open spaces like other people.

Hiding in a corner to work out will never make you comfortable.

Because the day that corner is occupied – trust me, it will happen – you won’t be able to do your workouts.

But if you’re used to working out everywhere, you’ll always find an alternative place to work out.

Don’t go at early or late hours to be alone

If it’s not about your working hours or whatever, please don’t pick weird hours to be at the gym.

Again, it means you’re running away from being comfortable.

Also, you’re just making your life more difficult, especially as a beginner gym goer.

If you want to feel comfortable going to the gym, don’t make your schedule unnecessarily tough.

Because one day you’ll feel too tired to wake up at 5 am.

Or you might be too tired from work to hit the gym at 9 pm.

And when your schedule becomes a chore, it’s only normal that you’d want to give up working out at the gym.

So, never make your schedule crazy.

My hubby and I go to the gym three times a week.

And we get there after 8 when the kids leave for school.

And that schedule is perfect for us.

Find a schedule that won’t drive you crazy so you can get your workout in and feel great.

Besides, those super early or late hours might not be safe for you as a woman.

I’ll choose a crowded gym anytime, over a 5 am or late-night gym session.

Don’t waste time playing on your phone

When you start going to the gym, you’ll see people that spend time playing on their phones.

Yes, we have rest times, etc.

But some people keep pressing their phones, chatting, or scrolling social media.

And they complain they’re not getting any results.

Please don’t be like them.

Because wasting time on your phone won’t get you any results.

People who get results at the gym are the ones who know exactly why they’re there.

In conclusion, how do you get comfortable going to the gym?

Lastly, remember to wear gym clothes you feel comfortable in.

Have a workout plan and a buddy(not a must).

Focus on your goals, and you’ll have a reason to show up every day.

I’m rooting for you.

You’ll be okay.

So those are ten things I did to feel comfortable at the gym.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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