Self-care Tips That Are Not Spa Time & Red Lipstick


Let’s discuss self-care tips that aren’t spa time and red lipstick.

Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against spa time and a little or even heavy makeup.

FYI My favorite lippie color is red.

But I think self-care should and can be more than that.

It would be best to dig in, find and make yourself a better person.

Before I proceed, let me clarify that it’s B.S. to think that self-care is selfish.

Because if you are not okay, how can you take care of the ones that love and depend on you?

That would be so messed up!

That said, let’s learn some tips for self-care that are sustainable and can become a lifestyle.

Self-care tips that aren’t massages and red lipstick

1. Practice self-affirmation


Self-affirmation is an essential self-care tip because this is your knowing and appreciating yourself.

This helps you come face to face with your insecurities and turn them around to positivity.

By so doing, these insecurities become powerless.

It doesn’t mean they will disappear; they just won’t be as important as you thought.

For example, I stopped loving my body after having babies.

Then I started working out and eating healthy and getting results.

But it was only when I started loving my body and saying, “my body is beautiful,” that I started seeing and appreciating my progress.

Not just my body; I tell myself that I am beautiful because I know I am.

Have you seen me? Haha.

So, in essence, know and love yourself, flaws and all. That’s #selflove.

2. Stop comparing yourself with other people

Secondly, do not compare yourself to strangers or even your friends.

Remember the saying, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

When you start comparing yourself to everyone else, you may feel miserable.

I know sometimes we do it unconsciously because we are only humans.

But you can control it to an extent.

You know the plan is to self-care, not self-destruct.

3. Practice yoga


Yoga is my favorite self-care tip.

It helps you connect and see yourself in a different light.

When I started yoga, I always looked forward to the end because I was not as strong.

I just wanted to finish it and move on to other things.

But now I am much stronger and enjoy every yoga session.

Between Yoga with Adriene is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Adriene’s voice is encouraging, and the practice is not intimidating.

She’s teaching and letting you know that shaking or falling from a pose is okay.

Telling you to whisper to yourself, “I am strong.”

Isn’t that sweet?

So adding some yoga to your daily routine may be that special self-care you can get every other day.

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4. Stop caring what anyone thinks of you


I know how difficult it is not to worry about what someone else thinks of you.

People will always have their reservations and opinion of others.

But that shouldn’t stop you from living and enjoying your life.

As I said at the beginning of this post, “some people think it is selfish to self-care.”

That’s their opinion; it doesn’t define you, what you believe, and who you are.

I remember some people’s first judgment of me is that “she is so proud.”

Just because I am not afraid to be myself.

It used to bother me, but not anymore.

I cannot live my life trying to prove everybody wrong.

It is a total waste of time.

And the more you think about what someone thinks of you, you’ll be afraid to do anything.

Because you do not want to be criticized or judged by them.

But when you stop caring, you will find yourself doing things that make you happy.

Then these people and their words become irrelevant, powerless, and nonexistent.

If I had considered what people say, I would have stopped blogging.

But I enjoy it even if I am not the best writer.

Anyway, that’s self-care tip number four.

5. Celebrate the little things

Remember to celebrate your little wins and achievements because no one else will.

And most importantly, you are doing it for yourself.

So if you are learning a new language, and you pass a small test, celebrate it.

When you do this, you appreciate yourself for taking that step and making progress.

And this will give you the push you need to do more.

6. Hang out with friends


Another self-care tip is to spend time with your friends.

You don’t have to spend money or anything like that.

But if that’s what you prefer, it is okay.

I am talking about just hanging out with adults, away from the noise of your kids.

Spending day after day at home with just kids can drive one crazy.

Recently, I started attending a weekday meeting with some ladies at church, and it has been great.

Talking to adults other than my husband for a change feels good.

That’s why hanging out with friends is my sixth self-care tip.

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7. Spend some time alone

Lastly, spend some time alone when you can.

Since self-care is about you, sometimes all you need is you and your thoughts.

If you have kids, your partner can take them somewhere.

Or maybe drop them off with grandparents.

This will give you time to think, plan, laugh, listen to music, maybe do some yoga, and cry.

Yes, I added crying because crying is good.

It helps you release whatever stress and pain you have bottled up just because you had to.

And you would feel a lot better after a good uninterrupted crying session. Lol.

So that’s self-care tip number seven.

Self-care Tips That Are Not Spa Time & Red Lipstick

Boom! 7 tips for self-care

So that’s seven self-care tips that are not massages and expensive makeup.

But if spa time is your ideal form of self-care, please enjoy it and knock yourself out.

However, I am sharing tips for self-care that can help you care, know, and treat yourself better.

What are your favorite self-care tips?

Please share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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