7 Health And Fitness Apps That Improved My Results

Raise your hand if you have installed a couple of health and fitness apps to improve your fitness goals.

Me: *both hands up*

I enjoy using mobile fitness apps, as they are convenient and easily accessible.

And since I decided to take my health and fitness more seriously, these apps have helped me stay on track.

With them, I’ve learned how to count my calories, discovered new workouts, developed a few healthy habits, etc.

So if you are looking for mobile apps to keep up with your healthy lifestyle routines, read on.

7 Health And Fitness Apps That Improved My Results

Because in this post, I will share seven health and fitness apps that improved my results.

7 Health and Fitness apps that moved me closer to my fitness goals

1. Map My Walk

I installed Map my walk when I started taking walks for outdoor exercise. This app measures the distance of my walking, and also the duration.

And because it connects easily to my fitness pal, I can automatically log my exercise.

I still use the free version, but the premium one has more benefits. For example, it acts as a walking coach, telling you when to walk briskly, slow down, etc.

Visit My Fitness Pal Blog for lots of healthy lifestyle tips.

2. Map My Run

Map my run is one of several health and fitness apps by the owners of my fitness pal, and map my walk.

I installed it as a running guide when I started jogging.

Just like map my walk, it records my distance, duration, and calories burned during the exercise; and logs it into my fitness pal.

How cool is that?

Aside from the fact that it logs my jogging exercise, it also keeps a record so I can check my progress with time.

3. My Fitness Pal Health And Fitness App

I can’t say enough how much my fitness pal moved me closer to my goal weight.

And you may have heard of it because it is one of the best free health and fitness apps out there.

It is quite popular among fitness trainers and enthusiasts.

People all over the world are making health progress using this app.

As a matter of fact, I have lost 11lbs with the help of this amazing app.

Here’s a post about it: My Fitness Pal App – How To Use For Sustainable Weight Loss.

Though it has the premium version, the free version of my fitness pal is more than enough to start tracking your calories, weight loss or gain, workouts, etc.

So if you are looking for a convenient way to monitor your fitness, this is the app you need because it acts as a weight loss journal and keeps everything in one place.

7 Health And Fitness Apps That Improved My Results

4. Female Workouts By Leap Fitness Group

My husband used to work out with the male version of this app, and sometimes, I join him. Then I thought I’d download it to exercise on my own; then I stumbled on the female version.

When installed, it asks you to enter your current and goal weight, height, etc. and it tells you if you are at a healthy weight and all that.

Then every time you work out, it records the number of calories burned from that workout.

And since they have a workout for different fitness levels, you can start where you are most comfortable.

The workouts I usually do are abs, butt, thighs. And I pick a day for each of them and rotate the exercises.

When I started with this app, at first, I tried a couple of beginner workouts; then later moved to the advanced level ones.

That’s not to say the beginner ones were easy, no.

It was because I needed longer exercises – 20 – 22 minutes long – that would challenge me even more, and those were available only at the advanced level.

5. Pumatrac Health And Fitness App By Puma

I only discovered Pumatrac a few weeks ago, and it’s been a game-changing experience.

Like the female workout app, Pumatrac has different workouts for your fitness level.

So if you prefer short 10 minutes workouts or 45 minutes killer workouts, you’d definitely find something that suits you.

And you also have the freedom to choose whom you prefer to work with since it has several fitness trainers.

Honestly, I have not seen workouts performed the way they are on Pumatrac. The few I did, hit muscles I have never worked on before.

And because of how tough they were, I had to stop halfway through and completed the workouts the following day.

What I love most about Pumatrac is that you are working out with a trainer, or so it seems, which is uncommon with free health and fitness apps.

It makes your workout more enjoyable.

Moving on.

6. Fasting Tracker

If you are into intermittent fasting, you may find this app very helpful.

Some months ago, I started intermittent fasting to help me lose weight, and this app was my coach.

It reminds me to start fasting, break my fast, drink water, and also give me tips for safe fasting.

Though I didn’t use it for a long time, I lost 2 pounds in two weeks.

Then I stopped intermittent fasting, but I still have the app if ever decide to start again.

7. 6-Pack Promise By Athlean X

The only health and fitness app I have spent my money on is the 6-pack promise by Athlean-X.

This app and the workouts on it target your abs muscles.

It has a 7-day free trial, after which you’d buy it for $3.99.

Most of the workouts on this app are bodyweight exercises, and sometimes, you may need a ball or resistance bands.

I have not seen so many abs workouts in one place before.

When I am in a hurry, and I really need to work out, I can easily squeeze in a 5 – 6 minutes abs workout on the 6-pack promise app.

I think a 2-pack is beginning to form on my upper abs.

Not only does this app teach you new abs exercises, but it also gives you ideas for healthy meals.

And because the workouts are well-paced plus rest days, you can easily plan your fitness routine around it.

7 Health And Fitness Apps That Improved My Results

Let’s Wrap Up!

There you go! 7 game-changing health and fitness apps to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

If you are overwhelmed by all seven of them, take your time, start with just one and continue to make progress.

What health and fitness apps are you currently using in your fitness journey?

Please share them with us.

Thanks for reading.

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