6 Simple Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep


Do you have a nighttime routine for better sleep?

Or you don’t have to make an effort to fall asleep?

If the latter is the case for you, then that’s pretty neat.

But if you struggle to get some snooze every night, keep reading.

In this post, we will cover six nighttime routines to sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Because, believe it or not, your nights determine how your mornings begin.

Let’s dive in.

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6 Ideas for nighttime routine for better sleep

1. Eat a light soup

This can be your dinner or comfort food if you’re still hungry after dinner.

And I specified light soup because thick soups are sometimes too heavy as nighttime food.

So get cozy on your couch and enjoy a warm bowl of light chicken soup.

My favorite is Nigerian chicken pepper soup because I prefer spicy any time.

But if soups are not your cup of tea, move to the next point.

2. Drink a nighttime tea to put you in sleep mode


The second tip to sleep better is to drink caffeine-free nighttime tea.

My favorite is Sleepytime tea. This tea is a herbal mix of chamomile, Dandelion, green rooibos, lemongrass, and aloe vera.

It also has a hint of spearmint.

You can find Sleepytime tea at Walmart.

But if you don’t want to try Sleepytime tea, caffeine-free green tea would also work.

Try it with lime instead of lemon. Green tea with lime tastes better than with lemon.

3. Do some nighttime stretches for better sleep

Another thing you can do for more restful nights is to implement a nighttime exercise like yoga.

If you are unsure where to begin, check out yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.

She has lots and lots of yoga videos for beginners and experienced yogis.

I’m sure you would find a bedtime yoga routine that works for you.

Nights are usually quiet, and that’s the best time for yoga.

Plus, if you have kids, they’re most likely asleep now.

So you’d have time to go deep into your yoga without noise or interruptions.

Watch out! You might fall asleep in the corpse pose.

I do a lot. Lol.

6 Simple Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep

4. Nighttime skincare routine


Sometimes you may find it difficult to sleep at night.

But you’d be surprised what a hot shower can do.

So add showers or baths to your bedtime routine, and moisturize your skin afterward.

Because when your skin is dry, it feels crackly and itchy.

And I noticed when my skin is dry, it doesn’t work well with my nightwear, and I find it difficult to sleep.

If you are bathing at night, add some bath salts and essential oils to your bathwater to help you sleep better.

Also, consider exfoliating your skin at night, and you’d wake up to well-moisturized beautiful skin.

So I particularly love night time skin exfoliation because of the morning-after glow.

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5. Wear comfortable nightwear

What you wear to bed significantly affects how well you sleep.

In my opinion, the most comfortable way to sleep is sleeping commando.

But you can still go commando under your nightgown or pajamas if you can’t sleep full commando.

Also, the material your nightwear is made of contributes to how peaceful or restless you sleep.

I personally prefer silk nighties like most people.

You can give them a try if you haven’t already.

6. Read a book

Instead of spending time on your phone before bedtime, read a book.

Whatever the time of the day, books always put me to sleep.

The light from your phone may keep you awake longer than you should.

And also makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

So keep an interesting book on your nightstand for bedtime reading.

6 Simple Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep

Let’s Wrap Up

So that’s 6 simple nighttime routines to sleep better.

With these tips, you’ll have more restful nights and beautiful mornings.

Can you share your bedtime routine with us?

Please do so in the comments for everyone to benefit from.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Green tea is my favorite, but I’ve actually never tried it with lime! Will definitely have to try that the next time I have it! I’ve been meaning to try to stretch every night too!

  2. I spend so much time focused on my morning routine that I haven’t considered the health benefits of having a good evening routine too. Getting good sleep is so important to our bodies too. Thanks for sharing this, it made me rethink the cycle of good routines I have in my life!

    1. Getting a night of good sleep is super important. And your post about morning routines has some great tips too. I guess the night routine somehow affects the morning.
      Thanks for reading, Nicole.
      I’m glad you found this post helpful.

  3. Love these ideas! I have been making an effort to put together a nighttime routine to help with sleeping. Right now I am trying to be consistent with yoga and meditation and a skin care routine.
    I really need to get in the habit of turning my phone off earlier

    1. Hi Tamara. Thanks for suggesting turning our phones off earlier. Yoga alone has improved my sleep after a hard day.
      I’m glad you found these tips helpful.
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Wowwwwwwww!!!! Amazing piece
    I only do morning skin care routine, but this piece here has shown me the importance of night time routine before going to bed.
    I am glad I get to read this
    Thanks a lot Bree ❤️

    1. Hi Yolanda.
      Yes, a nighttime skincare routine is very beneficial for your skin and also helps you sleep better.
      I’m glad you found this post helpful.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      xx, Bree.

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