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11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin


Are you looking for summer skincare hacks to keep your skin clean and non-icky?

Are you searching for simple but practical products to add to your summer skincare routine?

Don’t worry; I got you.

While the humidity makes my skin oily and sticky, I find cold showers and small moisturizers helpful.

And I added other steps to my skincare rituals to keep my skin supple.

So please keep reading for my top 11 summer skincare hacks for clear skin.

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11 Summer skincare hacks for clean skin

1. Take regular showers

11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin

To keep your skin from getting icky this summer, take regular showers.

If you sweat a lot, consider taking showers twice a day.

But for the sake of your water bills, keep it to one shower daily.

Another thing you must remember when taking showers is to ensure you wash your armpits, butt, and pubic area properly.

Make that shower worth it.

When you take showers daily, you will wash off yesterday’s sunscreen.

And have clean skin to moisturize and protect with sunscreen today.

You don’t want to layer products on dirty skin.

Besides, showers keep you smelling and feeling fresh.

And who doesn’t like that?

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2. Use bath gloves

Also, consider adding a pair of bath gloves to your shower routine.

It helps wash your skin better.

Please stop listening to people that say exfoliating gloves strip your skin of natural oils.

They don’t.

Exfoliating gloves remove dead skin and excess oils from your skin.

It also smoothens your skin and reduces body acne.

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3. Scrub your skin more this summer

11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin

Using exfoliating gloves for your daily showers would help your skin a lot.

But adding a gentle body scrub would give your skin added benefits.

Another reason to exfoliate more during summer is that you’d be using more sunscreen on your face and body.

I don’t know about you, but sunscreen feels heavy on my skin after hours of wearing it.

And I’d break out the next day when I don’t wash and exfoliate.

Well, that’s me.

4. Try homemade exfoliants

If you prefer homemade body scrubs, make sure you’re using oil-free DIY sugar scrub recipes.

Honey sugar scrub is one of the best DIY scrubs for summer.

But if you have honey allergies, try this aloe vera sugar scrub.

Both of them are oil-free and are suitable for face and body exfoliation.

They exfoliate and moisturize your skin without feeling oily.

The aloe vera scrub especially makes your skin supple and soft.

But if homemade scrubs are not your jam, use your favorite drugstore brands.

5. Do sugaring hair removal instead of razors for hair-free summer skin

11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin

Another summer skincare hack you’d love is swapping razors for sugaring hair removal.

Sugar waxing lasts longer and gives better results than razor or hair removal creams.

Also, with sugaring hair removal, your hair grows back slower, which keeps you hair-free for at least four weeks.

Who has time to shave their armpits, bikini area, and legs weekly? When you have lots of activities to do.

If professional sugaring is above your budget, here’s a post on making sugar wax at home.

6. Don’t skip your neck and chest

Another summer skin care hack to keep skin popping is to scrub your face, neck, and chest.

Also, make sure you use your face and neck moisturizers on your chest.

It will make your skin more even-toned.

If you want to take it up a notch, exfoliate your face, neck, and chest every night before bed.

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7. Use lightweight moisturizers

11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin

With the humidity, you don’t need thick moisturizers.

Use lightweight ones on your face and body.

I have two face moisturizers, both by Garnier.

But this one is my favorite.

Since I started using it, I noticed it shrunk my pores.

I also use this Garnier face wash before I apply the moisturizer.

It keeps my face moisturized but not oily.

I use it under makeup, giving my skin a dewy look.

Also, use more moisturizer on your heels.

8. Try the tinted moisturizer summer skin hack

Applying foundation during summer is one of the most annoying things for me.

Because when my face gets oily, everything looks terrible.

So my summer skincare hack is to use tinted moisturizers.

But if they are way above your budget. Or you can’t find a shade that works for you.

Then you’d love this summer skincare hack.

Here’s what I do:

I mix a small amount of foundation and this face moisturizer.

And apply it to my face.

Then I wear my makeup as usual.

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9. Swap regular face creams for SPF day creams

11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin

While I have a regular face cream, I thought I’d benefit from an SPF day cream.

So I searched google for good SPF brands. And one website listed this one, among many others.

Then I bought this SPF day cream.

And I think it’s not bad.

Though it looks like it leaves a white tint on my face, I mask it with foundation.

So I have no problem with that. Since I only use it when I’m going out.

Use more sunscreen on your body to reduce tanktop and flip-flop marks on your skin.

10. Wash your hair

When your hair is dirty, you will break out more.

So a simple summer skincare hack for your face is to wash your hair regularly.

Please get rid of oil and dirt build-up before they move to your face, and cause breakouts.

When your hair is clean, it shows on your face.

11. Stay out of the sun

11 Summer Skincare Hacks For Clear Skin

My last and final summer skincare hack is to stay out of the sun.

But that may not be helpful as everyone wants to dip in the pool to cool off.

Still, if you can find a few days not to go out in the sun, take it.

As I write this, I dread this summer because my kids have many summer activities.

And I’d be taking them.

What this sun will do to me, only God knows.

Conclusion on 11 summer skincare hacks for clear skin

Boom! My top 11 summer skincare hacks.

Adding these tips to your skincare routine this summer would keep your skin clear and not icky.

Remember, if you’re not taking showers daily, you’d be applying products to clogged skin, which is not practical.

And it is also a waste of skincare products.

So wash off yesterday’s oil and dirt before applying a fresh layer of treatments.

If interested, here’s a short list of my favorite summer skincare essentials on Amazon.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it. It would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

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