Honest Review of Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Tool

Honest Review of Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Tool

I bought and tried the hydro silk dermaplaning tool, and here’s my honest review of the product.

Though I’ve been using Flawless facial hair remover(affiliate link).

But recently, I started dermaplaning and liked how my skin looked and felt.

Then I decided to make it a regular part of my skincare routine.

So, I bought the Schick hydro silk dermaplaning tool, used it, and gave my skin a few days before writing this honest review.

And here it goes.

This is not a sponsored post. I bought and tried the product, and I’m impressed. And this is a first-hand review of the hydro silk dermaplaning tool.

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How to use hydro silk dermaplaning retouch tool – my routine

So, the directions on Amazon on how to use the dermaplaning tool said to start with clean, dry skin.

But I did mine with a damp skin.

And you don’t have to follow my exact steps.

Anyway, here’s my routine:

Wet face first

Honest Review of Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Tool


Before I picked up the product from the store, I had cleansed and moisturized my face.

So, getting home, I didn’t want to wash my face again.

Instead, I splashed water on my face to soften the skin.

I also prefer dermaplaning on damp skin.

Again, you don’t have to do it with damp skin.

You can dermaplane your face dry just as directed in the product description.

Moving to the next step…

Pull skin taut

The Schick hydro silk dermaplaning blade(affiliate link) is very sharp, so you must pull your skin taut before removing hairs.

Because any little bump can lead to cuts on your face.

So pull your skin taut and move the blade gently to remove the peach fuzz.

It was hard to keep pulling my skin taut with the damp skin.

That’s why you must follow the instructions to dermaplane your face dry.

I moved the tool from my nose area towards my ears in short strokes.

But some prefer to move from the cheekbone down to the chin.

Just do what looks and feels more natural with you.

Or check the instructions.

And make sure to use the guard tool when shaping your brows with the hydro silk tool.

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Tone skin

using toner after dermaplaning

After dermaplaning, I swiped a toner across my face to remove leftover residue.

Maybe that wasn’t necessary, but I did it since I didn’t cleanse before dermaplaning.

Also, I thought it would remove any dirt that might cause breakouts.

And I just got the toner and couldn’t wait to try it. *facepalm*

And I’m happy I used it because it made my skin cleaner and smoother.

Next, use sunscreen and moisturizer

moisturize skin after dermaplaning with hydro silk dermaplaning tool

After dermaplaning or any other form of skin exfoliation, sunscreen is a must.

But first, to brighten my skin, I applied a vitamin C serum.

Then, I followed it with sunscreen to protect my newly revealed skin.

The sunscreen I use is very moisturizing, so I didn’t need extra moisturizer.

And my skin felt smooth and hydrated.

Lastly, clean the blade and store it

After dermaplaning, ensure you clean the blade before storing it.

You can run hot water on it.

Or wipe it with a cotton pad and alcohol like I did.

Then, replace the guard top and store the blade safely.

Nighttime care after

Since dermaplaning makes your skin more sensitive, I cleansed my skin and used a mild exfoliant at night.

Followed by a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum and a moisturizer.

Again, my skin looks and feels smoother and clearer.

Next-day results after using the Schick hydro silk dermaplaning tool

Facial skin feels smoother

My skin feels smoother and looks clearer.

And my face gets cleaner quickly when washing it, too.

Maybe I’m just dreaming, but that’s how it feels.

Sometimes, you cleanse your face, and some parts don’t get clean with one wash.

So you have to cleanse one more time for it to feel clean?

I didn’t get that after dermaplaning.

Skincare products apply easily

Because of the smoothness, skin care products apply much more easily.

A little product goes a long way.

Unlike when I have to use more product on my neck and chest.

My skin is more hydrated

I have dry skin, so I must do a lot to keep my skin hydrated.

However, after dermaplaning, I noticed my skin seemed to retain moisture better after dermaplaning.

This could be due to the removal of dead skin cells.

But I’m loving this brand-new hydrated, smooth skin.

Makeup application is smoother too

Applying makeup after dermaplaning was a dream.

My foundation glided on flawlessly, thanks to the smooth canvas.

Also, my makeup stayed moisturized.

Unlike when foundation used to dry up my skin and make it look weird.

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No breakouts or rash after dermaplaning with hydro silk touch-up tool

My biggest worries were breakouts or rash after dermaplaning and wearing makeup.

But I guess I got that covered.

So here’s what I did that I’m guessing worked.

  1. I applied foundation with my clean fingers because brushes and sponges harbor germs and cause breakouts.
  2. I cleansed and toned at night after cleaning off my makeup.
  3. And I’m using a clean face towel every other day.

That’s all I can remember.

The verdict on the Schick hydro silk dermaplaning tool

Waking up to smoother, softer and best of all, more hydrated skin was amazing!

The Schick hydro silk dermaplaning tool is a great at-home option for achieving a radiant complexion.

Remember to be careful with the sharp blades and follow proper aftercare for the best results.

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