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19 Habits To Look Attractive Daily, Naturally

19 Habits To Look Attractive Daily, Naturally (10)

Are you looking for tips to look attractive naturally?

Then this post is for you.

Keeping yourself beautiful takes a little effort, and everything will blend in.

And no, it’s not heavy makeup and some complicated skincare routine.

It’s just tiny habits you pick up to upgrade your looks.

So this post will discuss 19 habits to help you look attractive daily.

Let’s begin.

Hygiene practices to look attractive every day

Before we get into the deep stuff, let’s establish that your hygiene plays a significant role in your attractiveness.

So below are a few hygiene tips you can add to your routine:

1. Bath daily

Some people argue that bathing daily strips your skin of its natural oils.

I beg to differ.

Bathing daily cleanses and removes dirt and excess oil from your skin.

And bathing means you get to wash your underarms and pubic areas.

The parts of the body where bacteria hide and cause nasty odors.

Also, when you bathe regularly, you’d feel clean and comfortable.

Or don’t you feel icky when you haven’t taken a shower?

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2. Practice proper feminine hygiene

Some of us ladies don’t know how to clean our privates.

Please take time to make sure your girlie parts are clean and free of foul odor.

It feels great to know there’s no stench when you open your legs.

So use water to rinse your privates daily when you’re at home.

If you’re out, you can use toilet paper or wet wipes.

But always opt for water when at home.

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3. Use deodorants and fragrances

After taking showers, please use deodorants and other body fragrances.

When you smell good, you’d feel good.

4. Keep your hair clean


Another tip to look beautiful is to keep your hair clean and healthy.

So bring in the conditioners and other products that keep your hair frizz-free and beautiful.

Did you know that when your hair is dirty, it shows on your face?

Yes, dirty hair can cause breakouts on your face.

So please take good care of your hair for your face’s sake.

How to have naturally beautiful skin

5. Wash your skin

To have naturally beautiful skin, make sure you are washing it with a good body wash.

Please toss the washcloth and use more effective washing products like exfoliating gloves.

Bathing gloves clean your skin better than washcloths.

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6. Exfoliate


If you’ve not been exfoliating your skin, please start today.

You don’t have to use expensive scrubs to get optimal results.

You can buy drugstore exfoliants or use simple homemade scrubs made with natural ingredients.

And when you exfoliate your face and body, remember to scrub your lips too.

Soft, smooth lips make your face even prettier.

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7. Moisturize and use sunscreen


After taking showers, please moisturize immediately while your skin is still moist.

Don’t wait until your skin is dry before using a moisturizer.

It won’t absorb as much as when it is damp.

Also, apply sunscreen before heading out of the house daily.

Sunscreen protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

And it also helps you avoid tank tops or bikini marks on your chest and shoulders.

8. Get rid of unwanted hairs


Another simple tip to look beautiful is getting rid of unwanted hair on your body.

So think about removing hairs from your underarms, legs, or bikini areas.

And you can do all these at home.

My preferred hair removal method is sugar waxing. Use what works for you.

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9. Get a mani-pedi from time to time.

And don’t forget to get a mani-pedi as often as you can.

A simple foot soak and scrubbing will do the trick for your feet.

Check out this homemade cinnamon foot scrub and this lemon sugar hand scrub.

You can make both products with very few ingredients in your kitchen and get a mani-pedi at home.

Well-manicured nails make your hands more beautiful.

Likewise, pampering your feet so you can wear open shoes without any worries.

Makeup tips to look naturally attractive

10. Groom your brows


When my brows are rough, my face always looks messy.

But after grooming my brows, everything looks different and better.

So please pluck your brows to make your face look beautiful naturally.

11. Wear light makeup

Another tip to look naturally attractive is to wear light makeup.

You won’t need heavy makeup to look beautiful when your skin is healthy.

So think of eyeliners, light blush, tinted moisturizer, and a lip product.

That’s my favorite natural makeup look.

Use a tinted lip butter or balm if you’re not going far.

Then a bold lipstick when going somewhere special.

How to dress to look more beautiful

Your outfits can also make you look attractive or not.

So here are outfit tips to look beautiful every day:

12. Wear the right size of clothes for your body type

I understand some clothes are designed to be oversized.

But if it’s not the style, please stop wearing oversized clothes.

Make sure your clothes fit your body type and show your curves.

Don’t hide that beautiful body under drabby clothes.

Also, think about showing some skin one part at a time.

Maybe a long skirt with a sleeveless top to show your arms.

Or a short skirt or dress to show those beautiful legs, etc.

13. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free

Yeah, don’t forget to straighten wrinkled clothes before you wear them.

When your clothes are wrinkled, they look old, and you’ll look unkempt.

So get a hand steamer to remove wrinkles before you wear your clothes.

Or the hard way is not to buy clothes that need ironing.

I did it for a while, so I bought lots of chiffon and stretchy clothes that require no ironing.

But I couldn’t keep up because I was missing out on some beautiful outfits.

Do what works for you.

14. Wear clean clothes


Believe it or not, some of us go about in dirty clothes.

Please wash your clothes.

Before throwing that shirt in the washer, don’t wait until the collar is stained.

Clean-smelling clothes also add to how you smell around people.

So please throw those clothes you’ve worn into the washer.

15. Keep the pajama pants at bay.

Yes, pajama pants are comfortable, and some are very cute.

But please, you don’t need to wear them every day if you want to look attractive.

Let’s save them for once in a while, early evening sporting when the weather is chilly.

Lifestyle tips to look more attractive

Your lifestyle can also affect how beautiful you feel and look.

So below are lifestyle

16. Stay hydrated

To look beautiful, make sure you’re drinking lots of water.

When you’re hydrated, it shows on your skin too.

So make sure to drink enough water for your body weight.

17. Get active

Staying active and in shape also significantly affects how attractive you see yourself.

Also, exercise improves blood circulation, which helps your skin look more healthy.

That’s why you look fresh after a sweaty workout session.

I became more confident about my looks when I started running and training with dumbells.

So get active.

Choose whatever form of workout you’re comfortable with, and do it a few times a week.

Once you start seeing those changes, you’d also feel good in your skin.

If you love yoga, please read 13 Ways Yoga Before Bedtime Has Improved My Life.

18. Get enough sleep


Please, whatever you do, ensure you get enough sleep every night.

It shows in and around your eyes when you’re not sleeping enough.

So get more sleep, and kick that stressed face to the curb.

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19. Build your confidence and love yourself

If you don’t love yourself, who will love you?

Trust me, confidence in your own skin makes you more attractive.

It’s easier to find faults in our looks than appreciate ourselves.

But as easy as it is to put yourself down, that’s how easy it is to say nice things.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful.

I do it more times than not.

And if you find yourself about to say what you or others don’t like about your looks, say something like “Who cares?” or “It doesn’t matter,” etc.

With time, you’d get used to seeing the beautiful parts of yourself.

And you wouldn’t worry about what others think of your looks.

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Conclusion on 19 Habits to Look Naturally Attractive

After practicing all these tips to look naturally gorgeous, all will go to zero if you lack self-confidence.

So, work on your self-confidence as you improve your outward appearance.

And hopefully, things will start to change.

I hope these tips help you feel and look naturally attractive.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post.

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