Birchbox Subscription – My 15 Favorite Products


So I decided to give the Birchbox subscription a shot.

But before I made that decision, I googled the best makeup/skincare subscription boxes and the monthly fees.

And I found Birchbox to be affordable.

Not only that.

Their first box of gifts made more sense to me compared to others.

Now because I’m cautious about the products I use on my skin, I put off subscribing several times.

But I did eventually, and I’d be sharing my 15 favorite products from Birchbox subscription.

Let’s dive in!

How does the Birchbox subscription work?

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

First, you must sign up, create an account, and a profile.

Then you’d answer questions about your skin or hair type. And the kinds of products you might need.

And Birchbox would use the information provided to customize a box for you.

So they say.

However, I feel like everyone gets the same box every month.

Anyway, I created a profile before getting my first Birchbox. Then I paused my subscription afterward.

I wanted to see if it’s worth it before getting another.

And I got a few more, maybe months apart. So let’s talk about them.

My 15 Favorite Products From Birchbox Subscription

1. Payot face cream

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

I’m one of many who apply body creams and lotions to their faces.

And it’s not that I have no idea that face creams exist; I didn’t care much about them.

And I hardly visit stores to buy one, if at all.

So receiving this Payot face cream, I decided to try it, and dang, I love it.

It moisturizes my facial skin so deeply and makes it even smoother.

My only regret is, why didn’t I get it sooner…lol

So the face cream is a keeper.

2. Balance Me exfoliating cleanser

I stopped using cleansers years ago when I discovered they suck all the moisture out of my skin.

I was possibly using the wrong cleansers for my skin type. Anyway, I just quit cleansers altogether.

Then in my Birchbox, I received a cute little bottle of exfoliating cleanser.

I wondered what an exfoliating cleanser was.

And because I exfoliate my skin with homemade scrubs, I thought the exfoliating cleanser would be some harsh crazy chemical stuff.

But I gave it a try. 

First, I washed and rinsed my face.

Then I soaked a cotton ball with some cleanser and cleansed my face.

Well, how wrong was I?

Mind you; I use it at night.

Because some products can cause sunburn when you use them and go out in the sun.

So I prefer to apply them at night and wake up to beautiful well-moisturized skin.

Anyway, after cleansing, I used the Payot face cream, applied some lip balm, and off to bed.

The next day, my skin was popping. It was smooth, moisturized, and relaxed.

And I’d love to have that cleanser in my next Birchbox.

3. Grace & Stella rosewater face mist

I’m not sure if I like the rose water face mist.

And part of the reason is that the first time I used it, it felt sticky and heavy, and I had to wash it off.

But subsequently, I’ve used it at night and on chilly days before wearing make-up – that is, if I’m going out.

And I noticed it keeps my skin moisturized even after applying foundation.

I say this because foundation sometimes dries up my facial skin.

But with the rose water mist, it stays somewhat dewy, and I like that.

4. Oribe hair mousse

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to get a hair mousse in my Birchbox, so I didn’t use this product for a long time.

I completely forgot it was there.

But when I started using it, I began to appreciate it.

It gave my hair a good shine and also makes it look healthy and thick.

Now would I want to receive this hair mousse again? I don’t think so.

Some brands aren’t as expensive and are of similar quality. 

So no more mousse from Birchbox.

5. Po pomegranate sleeping mask

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

I can tell you that within these few months of subscribing to Birchbox and Ipsy, I have received up to 5 face masks.

But…this pomegranate sleeping mask is my favorite.

And I guess that’s because you get to leave it on the skin to work overnight and rinse it off in the morning.

I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels the morning after.

6. Wipeout swipes

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

The wipe-out swipes are reusable makeup wipes you can use with just water to take makeup off.

After wiping off makeup, you can wash, dry, reuse the swipes, and wash your face.

I love how soft it feels on the skin.

It cleans off makeup gently without bruising your tender facial skin.

The mere fact that it is reusable makes this a game-changing beauty product.

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7. Arrow skin moisturizer

I loved this moisturizer because it does what it is supposed to do.

It is also not oily and sits well under makeup.

But there wasn’t enough product in the container.

Guess that’s why it’s a sample product.

8. Kiehl’s facial cleanser

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

I’ve always loved Kiehl’s products. Well… the free lip balm and hand moisturizer you get in airplane self-care kits.

So when I got this Kiehl’s facial cleanser, I was excited to use it.

It is a cleanser face wash and contains tiny exfoliating granules.

So it washes and exfoliates your skin at the same time.

I used it with the face mask below.

9. Purlisse charcoal face mask

Charcoal face masks became my favorite after homemade oatmeal facial masks. 

But receiving a clay charcoal mask containing green matcha tea extract made it even better.

After washing it with Kiehl’s facial cleanser, I applied this mask to my face and let it sit and dry for about 15 minutes.

It dries quite fast, but I always wait longer.

Like the Kiehl’s cleanser, the charcoal mask contains exfoliating beads too, so before rinsing it off, wet your hands and exfoliate your face gently.

Then wash off completely with lukewarm water, then apply moisturizer.

It leaves my skin smooth, glowy and prepped for a face moisturizer.

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10. The Kure hair conditioner

Just as I was upset about the moose, I wasn’t enthusiastic about the hair conditioner too.

But I’ve used it several times after shampooing, as a rinse-off, and as a leave-in conditioner.

I guess I enjoyed it more as a leave-in conditioner.

Other than that, I’m indifferent about it. But I don’t think I’d want it anymore.

11. Re-fil lip balm

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

At first, I wasn’t crazy about this lip balm because of the texture or maybe the oily feel.

I really can’t explain it, but it’s not all that.

It doesn’t have that thick lip balm feel like Carmex, so I abandoned it for a while.

But recently, I tried it under matte lipstick, and I was pleased with the result.

First, it helps my matte lipstick spread evenly and keeps the lips moisturized under.

So no cracked lips under lipstick, at least for me.

I think it also makes my red liquid lipstick pop.

No wonder it is now my go-to lip balm before applying matte lipsticks.

12. Stasher bag

The stasher bag was one of the gifts I got from my first Birchbox subscription box.

I use it to store bath salts in the shower. And it seals well to protect the salts from moisture.

It’s a cool product.

You can use it either as a cosmetics bag or a bath salts pouch.

13. Leafy green sheet mask

Being a homemade or charcoal face mask kind of girl, I’ve never tried a sheet mask before. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of this product.

So I didn’t touch it for a while, but I finally used it one night.

The pouch contained many products I had enough to apply to my neck and chest.

And because it is not a rinse-off mask, I slept with it, leaving my skin refreshed the next morning without feeling sticky.

Also, the sheet mask didn’t have any heavy fragrance.

And the pack was made from biodegradable materials.

So not only would your skin benefit from using it, but you’d also be reducing your carbon footprint on our planet.

14. Thisworks hand cream

Yes, I received a hand cream from one of my Birchbox boxes.

And while I’m indifferent about the fragrance, the product is quite good.

I tend to wash my hands a lot, and with Winter upon us, my hands get very dry, but this hand cream always moisturizes them quickly.

15. Birchbox jade roller

My Favorite Birchbox Subscription Products

I once bought a jade roller that fell apart after a few uses. I wonder why.

So when I received this in my Birchbox; it felt timely.

I sometimes use it after applying moisturizer or facial serums to my skin, giving me a good facial massage.

It’s kind of a cool product.

So a few questions you may have about Birchbox Subscription

Do you get full-size products in Birchbox?

No, you only get the sample size of the real product.

Maybe that can help you decide to buy the full size, which is available for sale on the Birchbox website.

Is Birchbox good value?

I believe the Birchbox subscription is of good value because you can try high-end beauty products for a fraction of the price.

Also, it’s a good way to test products before buying them.

But monthly subscriptions can get to a point where you can’t afford them.

So most people wouldn’t be able to afford a Birchbox subscription and end up canceling it.

Can you cancel your Birchbox subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle.

Here’s how to cancel a Birchbox subscription.

  • Go to your account setting, click on subscription details, and click cancel.
  • Then log out, and log in again to confirm your subscription has been canceled.

You will receive an email that your subscription has been canceled.

My Birchbox account is currently canceled, and I’m not sure when or if I’d reactivate it.

Can you resubscribe after canceling?

Yes, you can resubscribe to Birchbox whenever you want.

  • Log into your Birchbox account, scroll to subscription details, and click re-subscribe.
  • You will be taken to a page to choose your preferred subscription.
  • And it would be added to your cart; your account would be reactivated.
  • Then watch out for your next Birchbox in the mail.

Read more about Birchbox cancellation.


Conclusion on My Birchbox Subscription Faves

So those are my 15 favorite products from the Birchbox subscription.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Birchbox.

Are you currently subscribed to Birchbox?

Please share with us your favorite products and how to use them.

Thanks for reading.

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