How To Use Epsom Salt For Itchy Underarms

OMG! Did you know that you can use Epsom salt for itchy underarms?

I am talking about the same Epsom salt with which you make scrubs and bath salts.

If you don’t get itchy underarms at all, that’s awesome.

Sometimes, my underarms get very itchy, and no amount of sugar exfoliation would calm the itch.

So I thought that if this homemade Epsom salt foot scrub could clean my feet, it might also help my underarms.

How To Use Epsom Salt For Itchy Underarms

And I tried it. And BOOM! the itching stopped.

I was blown away.

And I thought I’d share my experience here just in case someone else has similar underarm issues.

So let’s discuss using Epsom salt for itchy underarms and get cleaner armpits.

Before we go further, it would be good to know some of the causes of itchy underarms.

3 Possible Causes of Itchy Underarms

There are several causes of itchy underarms, but here are just a few.

1. Leftover antiperspirant

Leftover antiperspirant is the major culprit for my itchy underarms.

You would be surprised that your antiperspirant doesn’t wash off completely, even after a bath or shower.

And while it is on the armpits, it clogs your pores.

This can now lead to itchy underarms.

So if I use antiperspirant, I need to exfoliate the next day or a couple of days after.

And if I don’t, my underarms would itch like crazy.

If this ever happens to you, don’t make the mistake of scratching it because that would cause huge bumps to pop out of your skin.

So once the itch starts, I exfoliate with soapy sugar scrubs, which helps a lot.

But unfortunately, sometimes that does not work.

That’s when Epsom salt scrub comes to the rescue.

How To Use Epsom Salt For Itchy Underarms

2. Dead skin post-hair removal

After hair removal, it is advised that you exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

As much as this has been emphasized, some people still won’t exfoliate.

I always exfoliate with baking soda immediately after waxing.

Then subsequently, I use sugar scrubs.

But if and when I forget to exfoliate the waxed areas, the skin will begin to itch.

And if I try a sugar scrub and the itch returns after 24 hours, I know that calls for Epsom salt.

And once I use it, it works like magic.

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3. Dirty clothing

Dirty clothing can hold on to germs and antiperspirants from the last time they were worn.

I think this applies to people with sensitive skin.

Because I know of people that can wear the same shirts a couple of times without washing them and still do fine.

But if I wear the same top twice without washing it, my underarms would go crazy.

And back then, I didn’t know that scratching makes everything worse.

So I would scratch the life out of it, then begin to wonder why I had bumps.

Anyway, I found out it was my clothing.

So even if the cloth looks clean, as long as it has been worn, it has germs that can cause itchy armpits.

Other causes of itchy armpits are

  • bacteria,
  • Ingrown hairs, and lots more.

Now that we have looked at possible reasons for itchy underarms let’s see how to get rid of them using Epsom salt.

How to get cleaner underarms with Epsom salt

You can make a bigger quantity of this scrub and use it as often as you get the itch.

But the one below is a tiny emergency recipe. So

  • Mix a tbsp. of Epsom salt with a tsp. of mouthwash.
  • Using your fingertips, gently exfoliate your underarms with the scrub.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water after a few minutes.
  • Your underarms would feel smooth and super clean.
  • You can follow with a moisturizer or just let it be.
  • The next day, you will notice your armpits are dry, smooth, and itch-free.
  • But if you don’t have mouthwash, just wet your underarms and exfoliate with dry Epsom salt.
  • Rinse off after several minutes, and the itch would stop.

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That’s how to use Epsom salt for itchy underarms and get cleaner armpits.

If you tried this, please share your experience with us.

I have not used Epsom salt post-waxing yet, and I would advise you not to.

But if and when I do, I will let you all know.

Until the next post.

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Thanks for reading.

How To Use Epsom Salt For Itchy Underarms
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