I Exfoliated My Face Every Day For 2 Weeks | Before & After Pics

Should You Exfoliate Your Face Every Day? I Did Daily For 2 Weeks

Do you wonder what happens when you exfoliate your face every day?

With all the info out there saying to exfoliate twice to thrice weekly, I thought daily exfoliation would hurt my skin.

Well, until I tried it.

Recently, my hormones went wild, and I broke out like crazy.

And every breakout left a dark spot on my face, to the point where I started feeling insecure.

I’m someone who can go without foundation and still look okay.

But I couldn’t do that anymore with the spots and bumps on my face.

So I had to find a solution. And I thought I’d exfoliate my face daily for one week (stretched into two weeks) to see what happens.

And boom! My skin changed.

And I’d be sharing how I did it. What time of the day I scrubbed my face, the products used, and my final results.

Please read to the end to see my before and after pics.

Let’s dive in!

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Questions to answer before you begin exfoliating your face daily

Before you decide to scrub your face every day, you must answer these questions.

How do I know if I need to exfoliate?

These are some signs that you need to exfoliate:

  • Your skin looks dry and flaky
  • You have breakouts that can’t seem to take a break
  • Skincare products don’t seem to be working
  • Your skin is bumpy
  • You have dark pigmentation
  • Blackheads are clogging your pores
  • Or your face always looks dry or peels after applying foundation. I used to have that.

What time of day is best to exfoliate?


So you’ve chosen to exfoliate your face every day for maybe a week or more. Now, should you exfoliate in the morning or night?

Most dermatologists advise you to exfoliate at night. So your skin can soak up the moisturizers and other treatments you apply to it.

Also, when you exfoliate your face at night, you don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen.

You’re indoors and not exposing your skin to UV light for at least 8 hours.

What I love most about exfoliating my face at night is that my skin looks pampered and refreshed the next day.

But if nighttime doesn’t work for you, then pick another time of day to exfoliate your face.

Which is the best exfoliator for the face?

Next, pick the best exfoliator for your face.

There are two ways to exfoliate your face:

  • natural exfoliation, and
  • chemical exfoliation.

As for me, I always prefer natural exfoliation products made with simple ingredients in the kitchen.

Natural exfoliation

How can you exfoliate your face naturally? Here are some popular natural exfoliants recipes:

  • honey and sugar scrub
  • coffee honey scrub
  • sugar coconut oil scrub,
  • oatmeal sugar and coconut oil,
  • honey, sugar, and oatmeal,
  • Coffee, coconut oil, and so many more.

While I exfoliated my face daily with a homemade honey sugar scrub (because I had a plan), I read that it was not ideal.

Because scrubs made at home are more abrasive, you may over-exfoliate your skin.

So dermatologists recommend exfoliating at most three times weekly if using homemade scrubs.

Listen to your dermatologist.

Chemical exfoliation

But if you decide to do chemical exfoliation every day, ensure the exfoliant you pick is safe for daily use.

And there are lots of drugstore scrubs that are safe for daily exfoliation.

Read the container and the directions for use, and follow them.

You should be fine.

The best products to use after you exfoliate your face

Should You Exfoliate Your Face Every Day? I Did Daily For 2 Weeks

Another thing to consider is what to do after exfoliating your face.

Moisturize immediately while your face is still damp!!!

I use this drugstore moisturizer at night and this rose water face spritz during the day.

You need products that will replenish and lock in moisture after exfoliating your face daily.

You don’t want your skin drying up.

Should you continue exfoliating your face every day?

Depending on your results, you can stop or continue scrubbing daily.

It took me about three days to see the effects, which inspired me to continue.

I exfoliated my face every day for two weeks straight.

But if you feel like you’re over-exfoliating, take a break. Or go back to exfoliating twice a week.

How to exfoliate your face at night

Should You Exfoliate Your Face Every Day? I Did Daily For 2 Weeks

If you take nightly showers, then exfoliate your face in the shower. But if not, you can do it in the handwash sink.

  1. First, wash your face with warm water and a mild face wash. I use this one.
  2. Then rinse and towel dry until it is just damp. (Use a separate towel for your face).
  3. Next, spoon some face scrub into your palms, and exfoliate softly.
  4. Leave the face scrub for at least 5 minutes.
  5. If you’re taking a shower, wash your body while the scrub sits on your face.
  6. And when done, rinse your body first and your face last.
  7. Use a small clean towel to dry your face, then use your regular towel for your body.
  8. Then use some face moisturizer, and go to bed.
  9. The next day, your face would feel soft and have a dewy look. Thanks to overnight moisturizing without the sun’s rays.

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What are the benefits of exfoliating skin?

  • Daily exfoliation helps reduce breakouts. At least, I can testify to that.
  • It also removes dead skin and keeps your face clean and clear.
  • Exfoliating your face every day helps remove blackheads and unclogs your pores.
  • With the right exfoliants, you will also notice dark spots fading off. And see your skin getting clearer.
  • Exfoliation opens up your skin pores to absorb the treatment you apply. The same goes for taking showers properly, so your skin can soak in moisturizers and glow naturally.

Check out this post for more benefits of scrubbing your face every day.

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My experience with exfoliating my face every day

Now it’s time to talk about my experience with daily face exfoliation.

I thought daily exfoliation for one week would reduce my breakouts, and yes, it did.

It made my facial skin smoother and less dry as I kept it moisturized.

I also noticed my pores have shrunk, and my face is less puffy.

While the dark spots haven’t faded completely, they can hide under a tinted moisturizer or light foundation.

I hope to get my skin to the point where I can stop wearing foundation.

And only use it when it is crucial.

I love to let my skin breathe.

The first picture is of me without makeup before my morning workout.

While the second one is two weeks after daily exfoliation; though I applied light foundation, you can see my skin is less bumpy.


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Conclusion on why you should exfoliate your face every day

If you have lots of breakouts, as I did, you can ask your dermatologist if daily exfoliation is what you need.

And also, ask them for the right products for your skin before you begin.

Now I know some of us may not have access to a dermatologist.

So we test and see what works.

And that’s what I did.

And it worked for me.

Also, I’m a homemade scrub type of girl.

So I wasn’t scared of what I was using on my face.

Remember, your skin is different from mine.

Do what works for your skin type.

Don’t over-exfoliate. Take breaks if you have to.

If a product is causing redness or rashes, stop it instantly.

Now back to you.

Do you exfoliate your face every day?

What are your thoughts about exfoliating every day?

Please share with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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