Sugaring vs. Shaving – Which Is Better, And Why


Are you wondering which is better for hair removal, sugaring vs. shaving?

We’ll answer that question today.

After years of ingrown hairs and rough underarms, I finally tried waxing.

And while waxing was kicking me in the gut, I kept asking myself if it was worth the pain.

Then I discovered sugaring with homemade sugar wax, which is less painful than the spa.

And I’ve been sugaring ever since.

Now you may wonder why everyone is moving to sugar hair removal over shaving or regular waxing.

This post will compare sugaring vs. shaving regarding skin results, cost, how long the results last, and more.

Let’s dive in.

Which Hair Removal Method Is Better? Sugaring or Shaving?

1. Cost


With a bag of sugar under $5, you’d make sugaring wax as often as you wish.

And you’d use the wax more than once.

And you still have a nearly full bag for more sugar wax recipes.

But with shaving, you have to change your disposable razor after six to nine uses.

Which means…

Winner: Sugaring is cheaper.

2. Eco-friendly

Talk about the environment and plastic waste.

Most disposable shaving sticks last only 6 to 9 uses, and after that, they end up in the waste bin.

And since shaving only lasts a week, imagine how many shaving sticks you’re throwing away yearly.

On the other hand, sugaring wax is just sugar and water.

And it melts when it comes in contact with water.

So sugaring can reduce the amount of waste we dump in landfills.

Winner: Sugaring again. A more eco-friendly hair removal method.

3. Which lasts longer? Sugaring vs. shaving?


Shaving lasts just a week unless your hair grows pretty slowly.

But I’ve watched it over the years, and I find this to be true.

If you use a razor for hair removal, you must do so every week.

Who has time to shave their legs, underarms, and bikini area every week?

Whereas sugaring lasts up to a month.

So you’re hair-free for weeks and still rocking your tank tops.

Winner: Sugaring lasts longer than shaving.

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4. Brazillian wax: sugaring vs. shaving

Are you asking for my honest opinion?

I’d say sugaring is the best way to get a Brazillian wax because you can remove hairs without cutting yourself down there.

When I get rid of hairs down there, I go full Brazilian.

And it used to scare me a lot doing that with a shaving stick.

It’s a miracle I never had a major cut there with a shaving stick.

Still, I believe razors are not safe for removing pubic hairs.

Not to mention the razor bumps because of the delicate skin down there.

Moreover, when the hairs start growing after a few days, it won’t be Brazilian anymore.

Winner: Sugaring is best for Brazilian wax.

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5. Hair growth


I remember when I used to shave every weekend.

My hairs were thick and curly.

And after shaving, the hair grows back faster and thick.

And begin to itch as they reach my skin’s surface.

Also, I didn’t know what underwear to wear after hair removal.

So my lacy underwear pulled on the prickly hairs.

It was a nightmare.

But since I started sugaring routinely, my hair grew thinner and softer.

Winner: Sugaring. It helps the hair grow lighter.

6. Ingrown hair sugaring vs. shaving

I remember when I used to shave every weekend.

In as much as I’ve gotten rid of the hairs, I still couldn’t raise my arms because, within days, razor bumps begin to surface.

But sugaring pulls the hairs from the follicles, so you get fresh new hair growth every time.

And since I started sugar waxing, ingrown hairs have become a thing of the past.

Winner: Sugaring. It does not cause ingrown hairs.

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7. Smooth skin after sugaring vs. shaving

Sugar wax is made with sugar which is a natural skin exfoliant.

So when you remove hairs with sugaring wax, you also get rid of dead skin.

And because the hairs are pulled out, the pores get relieved faster.

Which makes the skin smooth, even when new hairs begin to grow.

Shaving, however, may irritate your pores, darken, and leave spots on your skin.

And it may take a while for the rashes and spots to heal and disappear.

Winner: The winner is sugaring. Because everyone loves smooth skin after getting rid of hair.

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The cons of sugaring

We’ve discussed the perks of sugaring. Let’s talk about the downsides.

  • It takes several tries to nail the perfect sugar wax, even when you follow the recipe. But you’d get it eventually.
  • Not everyone can sugar wax themselves.
  • And sugaring parlors are not as common as waxing salons.
  • Also, professionals are pretty expensive.
  • First-time sugaring is painful, though not as much as waxing. But it also depends on your pain tolerance.
  • Also, your hair must be an exact height before sugar waxing them.
  • If it is too short, sugaring may hurt.

The pros of shaving


Razor hair removal may not be my first choice, but I know it has good sides.

  • It is the quickest and ever-available way to get rid of body hair, especially in a hurry.
  • Shaving is still better than hair removal creams as it doesn’t necessarily require any harsh chemicals. You can shave with water and your bathing soap, though some women use shaving foam.
  • Not everyone gets rashes and ingrown hairs from shaving. Some people are lucky. So it is not that bad.

Sugaring vs. Shaving - Which Is Better

In conclusion, Is Sugaring Better Than Shaving?

Yup, sugaring is better than shaving in so many ways.

And my most important reasons are smooth skin and no ingrown hairs.

And sugaring wax is cheaper than shaving sticks.

I hope this post answers your questions about sugaring vs. shaving.

If not, please leave your questions in the comments, and I’d answer them and update this post as needed.

What hair removal method do you prefer? And why? Please share with us.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hello, Bree!!!
    Thank you for your sugaring recipe and steps for full Brazilian.
    I have tried Brazilian for the first time with sugaring instead of lazer and it’s really amazing!!! I did not get it quite good for the first try but had my hair removed upto 90% which is good for the first try.

    I have a question ❓ though…

    If we have our privates darkened due to shaving, can it become lighter with frequent sugaring??? If so then how long does it take to lighten them???

    Does sugaring also removes tanning?

    1. Hi Izora,
      First, I’m glad your first time doing a Brazilian with sugaring was good.
      Yes, with continued sugaring, the skin gets lighter.
      But as for how long it takes to lighten, I’m not sure.
      Mine was very dark, so lightening the skin took years of sugaring, exfoliation, and moisturization.
      So, exfoliate the skin at least once weekly, and use a moisturizer afterward.
      Lastly, I don’t think sugaring removes tanning.
      The sugaring paste pulls out the hair but does not stick to your skin.
      Which means it doesn’t affect tan.
      I hope this helps.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Glad you found my sugaring recipe and steps helpful.
      xx, Bree.

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