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My Gym Skincare Routine – Before & After The Gym

My Gym Skincare Routine - Before & After The Gym

In this post, I’ll share my pre- and post-gym skincare routine.

We’ll also discuss whether completing your skincare routine before or after the gym is best.

Finally, we’ll discuss how a proper overnight skincare routine keeps your skin radiant and ready to head to the gym the next day.

Let’s dive in.

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My pre-gym skincare routine

Because I always do my facials at night, I don’t have to do much in the morning before hitting the gym.

So, my skincare routine before the gym is this:

Splash water on my face to hydrate it

woman splashing water on her face

I don’t cleanse before going to the gym.

And that’s mainly because I cleanse my skin the night before.

So, after splashing water on my face, I’ll pat dry with a clean face towel.

Protect and moisturize my skin

Next, I’ll use vitamin C serum and sunscreen to protect my skin.

And I’ll also use my face moisturizer because my sunscreen isn’t as moisturizing.

And I have dry skin, so extra moisturizer is a must.

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Lastly, some primer and eyeliner

Sometimes, I’ll use a primer.

But because it makes my skin look dry and dull, I stopped wearing primer to the gym.

Then, I’ll use some lip balm to keep those lips soft.

And eyeliner to make my eyes pop and not look sleepy. Lol.

Post-gym skincare routine

So when I get home from the gym, the first thing I do is eat.

Come on, we know food is essential.

And as for my post-gym skincare routine, I’ll do a little extra.

Shower first

After I’ve refueled, I’ll take a shower to clean and refresh my body.

Remember to scrub your underarms, front and backside to remove dead skin, sweat, oils, and bodily fluid (especially in your female areas).

You can even wash your hair if needed.

Then wash your face last.

Cleanse last

So, after washing and rinsing my body and hair, I’ll use my face cleanser.

I usually cleanse once or twice, depending on what’s on my skin(makeup or moisturizers).

Cleansing after the gym removes dirt, oils, and sweat from your skin.

You know, at the gym, you’ll touch lots of germs and might even touch your face.

You know when the workout is kicking your butt, and you bury your face in your palms.

Or am I the only one who does that?

Anyway, cleanse your face and pat it with a clean towel.

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Moisturize and protect

Next, use your vitamin C serum, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

But you can skip sunscreen if you’re staying at home.

Or do what you like.

I don’t use sunscreen when I’m indoors all day.

Wear makeup

If you like to wear makeup, knock yourself out.

The night before the gym skincare routine

What you do the night before hitting the gym also helps your skin.

So remember to do your facials at night to help your skin glow the next day.

Nighttime is when I cleanse and exfoliate my skin with a homemade or chemical exfoliant.

And I’ll use a homemade mask.

Or one of the face masks from my Birchbox subscription to give my skin some TLC.

After rinsing off the mask, I’ll follow with hyaluronic acid serum and face cream to keep my skin hydrated and plump.

My skin usually looks refreshed and rested after a nighttime facial.

And the next day, I must use sunscreen – if I’m going out.

When you nail your nighttime skincare routine, you won’t have to do much before going to the gym.

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So, should I do my skincare routine before or after the gym?

Regarding your skincare routine, finding what works for you is essential.

But more importantly, it must be practical.

So ask yourself if it makes sense to do your five-step skincare routine before hitting the gym, only to wash it all off after.

I think doing your skincare routine after the gym is more practical.

At the gym, you might touch your face with dirty hands.

So, it makes sense to wash off sweat, oil, and dirt on your skin after going to the gym.

And you can also do all the extras you like to treat your skin.

Then apply skincare products to your clean skin and not worry that you’ll have to wash them off after an hour at the gym.

But before the gym, I’ll say do the bare minimum to freshen up your face.

That is, splashing water to wake up the skin.

Then, protect with vitamin C, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

Or you can skip moisturizer depending on how moisturizing your sunscreen is.

Additionally, take showers

Let me also add that you should always shower after going to the gym.

If you shower after working out, you’ll feel fresh all around.

Don’t just focus on your face.

Your body’s skin also needs cleaning after the gym.

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Wrapping it up!

So that’s my gym skincare routine.

If you find it helpful, please share it.

What’s your gym skincare routine like?

Do you prefer to do your skincare routine before or after?

Please tell us why in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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Gym Skincare Routine - Before & After

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