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9 Skincare Mistakes I’d Avoid For A Fresh Start

9 Skincare Mistakes I'd Avoid For A Fresh Start

This post will discuss skincare mistakes you need to avoid, whether you’re starting your routine today or thinking of restarting.

We all made some mistakes as young adults starting a skincare routine.

Mostly because we weren’t sure of the products that worked for our skin.

But after using several products we found the ones that worked and didn’t work.

So in this blog post I’ll share nine mistakes I made and what I’d do differently if starting my skincare routine afresh.

Let’s dive in.

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9 Skincare mistakes you need to avoid if starting your routine all over

I made a lot of skincare routine mistakes when I was just started taking extra care of my skin.

But now I know a little better.

So here are nine things I’d do differently if starting my skincare routine afresh:

1. Avoid using skincare products with alcohol.

9 Skincare Mistakes I'd Avoid For A Fresh Start

When I first started using cleansers, I used products with alcohol.

And being someone with dry skin, the alcohol made my skin even more dehydrated.

For some reason, I thought the coolness of the alcohol meant the product was working or good for my skin.

But it just sucked out the moisture from my skin.

So, I don’t use any skincare products with alcohol in them anymore.

At least so far as I know.

Maybe I should read the labels more. Lol.

I hardly use cleansers except for a couple I got from Birchbox.

Asides from that, the only other cleanser I use is Garnier micellar water.

Which I don’t use regularly.

2. Skincare mistake you need to avoid is thinking you don’t need sunscreen

Travel size suncreen

Another thing I’d do differently is start using sunscreen, whether sunny or not.

I used to think I didn’t need sunscreen because I’m dark-skinned.

But now I know better.

And since I started using sunscreen, I noticed my skin’s texture improvement.

I ran out of sunscreen and have been trying to buy a new one.

Unfortunately, the brand I use is out of stock on Amazon.

Luckily we got a free goodie bag from Walmart the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

And inside was a Eucerin sunscreen(affiliate link).

I hesitated to use it because my skin doesn’t enjoy switching brands.

But so far, I’ve not had any problems with the Eucerin sunscreen(affiliate link).

It has an SPF of 50 compared to the one I had, which was only 30 SPF.

I liked it so much I bought the bigger size. Lol.

Eucerin suncreen, spf 30 for body, spf 50 for face

Anyway, look for sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30.

And remember to reapply throughout the day, especially if you spend lots of time outside.

I hardly reapply sunscreen.

But I’d be doing that this summer as I’d be out a lot.

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3. Avoid scrubbing your skin with the wrong products

Another mistake I’d avoid if starting my skincare routine afresh is skipping skin exfoliation.

Though I used to exfoliate back then, I wasn’t consistent.

And the scrubs I used weren’t for my skin type.

But when I switched to homemade scrubs, my skin improved.

I had no idea just honey and sugar scrub or honey and coffee would benefit my skin so much.

So exfoliate your skin with the right products.

You don’t have to use homemade exfoliants if it’s not your thing.

Check drugstores for face and body scrubs that work for your skin type.

And exfoliate at least once a week.

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4. Never go to bed with makeup on

Another mistake I made back then was I went to bed with makeup on so many times.

Though I had days that maybe it was late at night, I was too tired to wash my face.

But I also had days when I refused to wash my face before bedtime.

However, these days I make sure to wash my face before going to bed.

And if I know I’d be too tired to wash my face at night, I do it early in the evening.

And I love waking up to a clean, fresh face.

So remember to wash your face every evening/night before you sleep.

Your face will thank you.

5. Expensive doesn’t mean the product is suitable for you

Skincare mistakes you need to avoid is thinking a product would work for you because it is costly.

I’ve used some high-end brands from Birchbox subscriptions that were just meh.

And some were great.

Also, I recently tried a popular face wash which caused me to break out.

I gave it a break and tried again – the same outcome.

So it’s just sitting there in my shower.

But Garnier face wash works great with my skin.

And I also use the Garnier face moisturizer too.

Some drugstore skincare products might work for you, and others may not.

And the same goes for high-end brands.

6. Avoid neglecting your haircare routine as it affects your skin too

I had no idea that your haircare routine could affect your skin.

Before, I didn’t know how to take care of my hair.

And I used to have lots of breakouts.

I didn’t know that my dirty scalp was affecting my face – especially my forehead.

Nobody told me that shampoo running down my face was stripping it of natural oils.

I just noticed my face was always very clean after shampooing.

But also very dry.

So these days, I wash and rinse my hair and ensure the products don’t run down my face.

Keeping my face free of hair products and dirt.

And also keeping my scalp clean.


7. Avoid using the same products for face and body care

Face wash - avoid the mistake of using body soap to wash your face

One vital skincare mistake you need to avoid is using the same products for face and body care.

This means using face soap for your face.

Instead of using body soap for both body and face.

Also, I used to apply body lotion to my face, as I thought it was okay.

But I noticed a lot of difference when I started using a face cream.

Another product I would separate is my towel.

Before now, I would dry my body and face with the same towel.

And I wondered why I was breaking out so much.

But now I use different towels for my face and body.

So make sure to use separate products for face and body care.

8. I’d exfoliate after hair removal and at least once weekly

When I started removing underarms and bikini line hair, I had no idea razor wasn’t good for my skin.

Also, I didn’t know I had to exfoliate after shaving.

So I had underarms and bikini line bumps.

Even when I started waxing at the spa, I still had bumps.

So I asked the lady at the spa, and she told me I needed to exfoliate after waxing.

That’s when I knew that exfoliation helps prevent bumps after hair removal.

These days I mostly use sugaring wax.

But I still use a razor as a quick fix.

And I’ve been able to avoid bumps by exfoliating shaved areas regularly.

Also, I exfoliate my underarms and bikini area at least once a week.

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9. I’d use face masks as part of my skincare routine

Another thing I wish I had known early was that face masks are good for your skin.

I never really paid attention to them.

Then after binge-watching YouTube videos about peel-off and clay masks, I bought a charcoal peel-off face mask.

I used it and loved the outcome.

Since then, I’ve used peel-off, clay, and homemade face masks.

But I mostly use a few chemical face masks from my Birchbox subscription.

Or I’d whip up a DIY face mask.

They’re now a regular part of my skincare routine.

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Conclusion on skincare mistakes I’d avoid if starting my routine over again

So those are nine skincare mistakes I’d avoid if starting all over.

Check the products that work with your skin, and keep using them.

Avoid switching and following trends.

What works for my skin might not work for yours, and vice versa.

So stick to what works, and your skin will thank you.

What would you do differently if you had to start your routine again?

Please share in the comments.

Also, if you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading,

See you next time.

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9 Skincare Mistakes I’d Avoid For A Fresh Start
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