7 Easy Tips To Smell Clean And Fresh All Day


Are you wondering if it’s possible to smell clean and fresh all day long?

Yes, it is.

This post will show you seven tips to smell good all day.

We’ll start with your hygiene and what to use to smell good.

And also, talk about your home because it affects how you smell.

So we’ll discuss tips on taking care of yourself and your home so you can smell good every day.

Let’s begin.

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7 Tips to Smell Good All-day

1. Shower every day


The most crucial step to smell good all day is to take showers daily.

Some people will argue, but it’s the truth.

When you shower, you wash body parts that hold on to odors, like your underarms, inner thighs, and butt.

Also, showering helps remove sweat, dust, body oils, and dead skin.

Besides, when your skin is clean, you’d feel comfortable.

So make sure you shower daily will soap and exfoliating gloves or washcloth.

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2. Use deodorants or antiperspirants

After a shower, the first thing to use is a deodorant.

Deodorants keep you smelling fresh, even after sweating.

But antiperspirants keep you from sweating in the underarms.

Most of the time, both are combined into one product.

So, it’s likely your deodorant is also an antiperspirant.

Use it daily to control sweat, prevent odors, and smell fresh.

3. Use scented lotions


Scented lotions are another fantastic item for your after-shower routine to smell fresh all day.

Use moisturizer immediately after a shower.

Also, ensure you apply moisturizers to your body immediately after a shower.

When you apply moisturizer to damp skin, it spreads quickly, and your skin absorbs it better.

Try moisturizers with essential oils to smell good all day.

I’ve bought most of my favorite scented lotions from Bath and Body Works.

You can choose from the aromatherapy line if you prefer that scent.

My favorite scented lotion is Rose Vanilla Lotion from Bath and Body Works.

It keeps my skin soft and lightly scented.

4. Use body fragrances and perfumes


Body fragrances and perfumes are also great for smelling fresh all day.

So, aside from taking showers and using deodorants, you need fragrances that last all day.

Invest in body spritz.

Bath and body works have so many wonderful ones to choose from.

You can use the body spritz when you’re at home.

How to smell good with perfume

Make sure to shower daily, then use your body fragrances to smell fresh all day.

Because if you don’t wash and apply perfume, you’d be masking odors.

And eventually, the foul odor would overpower your perfumes.

That being said, make sure to wear good perfume when going out.

I like to use body spritz and perfume when I’m going out.

The combo is always fresh, and it lasts all day.

You can try it too.

Apply perfume properly


To make sure perfume isn’t running down your neck:

  • Apply it to your inner wrists, rub it together, and dab it on your neck.
  • Then, do the same and rub your inner elbows.
  • This helps you distribute the fragrance without using too much.
  • Some people use perfume behind their knees. But I’ve never tried it. You can try it if you wish.

Use essential oils to smell good all day.

Some of us prefer essential oils to perfumes.

But before applying essential oils to your skin, please do a patch test.

Not all essential oils are okay to apply directly to the skin.

So please do your research before using them as a body fragrance.

But you can add a few drops of essential oils to your lotions or bath water.

Still, do your research.

5. Wear clean clothes


To smell fresh every day, please wear clean clothes.

I understand some of us don’t like fragranced detergent; you can wash your clothes with fragrance-free ones.

Wash your clothes to smell good.

Some of us like to wear clothes more than once before washing them.

I understand wearing jeans several times before washing them.

But clothes like tops shouldn’t be worn more than once.

Of course, there might be some exceptions, like sweaters, jackets, etc.

But aside from that, wash your tops after one wear to smell fresh.

Washing them removes sweat, oil, and deodorant stains before you wear them again.

One more thing: please stop wearing a pair of socks more than once. *wink*

Keep closets moisture-free

When your closet is damp, your clothes smell stale, even when they are clean.

Place a moisture absorber like Damp Rid in your closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Also, big bags of silica gel come with bedsheets or carpets.

You can hide those silica gel packs in your closet or drawers to suck out moisture.

Keep a scented satchel in your underwear drawer

This keeps your underwear smelling fresh.

I have one in my drawer as we speak.

6. More tips to smell good all day? Clean up properly after using the bathroom


Another tip to smell great daily is to clean up properly after using the bathroom.

Whether you pee or do number two, you must clean yourself thoroughly.

Because when you smell bad down there, the odor can quickly take over and become your regular smell.

Which is not nice at all.

Use water

When at home, clean with water or wet flushable wipes after using the bathroom.

You can also invest in a handheld bidet for a toilet like this or try a travel bidet.

I have one in my bathroom, so I’m not recommending something I don’t use.

So, after using the bathroom, spray water to clean your area.

And dry yourself with toilet paper.

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Clean your private parts before bedtime.

Also, at the end of the day, before going to bed, wash your privates with water.

Washing your area removes urine, sweat, and even discharge from your feminine parts.

And keeps you feeling fresh.

Then, sleep without panties to allow ventilation to your area.

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Hygiene tips to smell fresh all day? Clean more when menstruating

If you want to smell good on your period, make sure you’re cleaning down there.

So, in between pad or tampon changes, clean your area with water or wet wipes.

When you have dry blood in your bikini area, it produces funky odors and makes your inner thighs stink.

So pay attention to your hygiene when on your period.

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7. More tips To Smell Good All Day? Rid your home of funky odors

If your home smells weird, it will stick to your clothes because you spend lots of time there.

And after a while, it becomes your signature scent.

And trust me, you don’t want that.

So, rid your home of funky odors.

Open your windows

Now it’s getting cold, so your windows are mostly closed.

But occasionally, open your windows and let in some air for cross ventilation.

Also, please take out the trash regularly before it starts stinking.

Invest in air fresheners or diffusers.

Also, invest in a fragrance oil diffuser to freshen up your home.

You only need to buy one or two.

All you need to do is add water and a few drops of essential oil to this diffuser, and it releases fumes to freshen up your home.

But if this diffuser is not your style, then buy a plug type.

Whatever you prefer, please remove foul odors from your home so they don’t become your signature smell.

So, how can I smell good all day?

Remember, it starts with washing daily.

And following with your scented moisturizers, perfumes, etc., and down to your house odor.

These hygiene practices work together to keep you smelling good all day.

I hope you find these tips to smell good all day helpful.

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Thanks for reading.

7 Easy Tips To Smell Clean And Fresh All Day

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