How To Preserve Homemade Skincare Products Naturally – 10 Tips

How To Preserve Homemade Skincare Products Naturally - 10 Tips

Are you thinking of how to preserve homemade skincare products without preservatives?

It can be frustrating when your homemade products don’t last as long as you want.

Here are some tips to make your DIY skincare recipes last longer without added preservatives.

Let’s begin.

10 Tips to preserve homemade skincare products without preservatives

How long homemade skincare recipes last depends on the ingredients, you make them with.

And also how you handle your products when using them.

For instance, a coconut oil sugar scrub would be on the countertop or refrigerator for weeks.

But a peach sugar scrub would not.

Also, homemade sugar wax would do just fine outside the fridge.

But an oatmeal face mask would go bad in the fridge.

So what can you do to preserve homemade skin care recipes?

1. Make a small batch at a time

One of the best ways to keep your products from going to waste or getting contaminated is to prepare enough for one-time use.

This way, you would have a fresh product each time and zero waste.

Examples of homemade skincare products to make in small batches are DIY face masks, fruit scrubs, etc.

The thing with fruit scrubs is that they contain water.

So they can get contaminated after a while in storage.

And some would even become stiff if they stayed too long.

So make a tiny batch at a time.

2. To preserve homemade skincare products, store them in airtight containers

Another thing you must remember is to store homemade skincare products in airtight containers.

This would keep your products and their fragrance intact.

Also, if your DIY skincare product is exposed to air, it may get contaminated.

For example, fruit sugar scrubs attract fruit flies, and all that yucky stuff would happen.

Some sugar scrubs may become stiff like candy.

So ensure all product containers, whether stored on the countertops or refrigerator, are airtight.

3. Store your natural skin care products in the fridge

I know it’s not every time you’d feel like whipping up a new DIY sugar scrub.

So what can you do, then?

Make enough and save it in the fridge.

A few DIY skincare recipes that would do well in the fridge – as long as they are water-free are:

From experience, I discovered these recipes remain fresh for weeks to months.

My DIY green tea sugar scrub cubes lasted months in the fridge.

Because they contained just coconut oil, green tea, and sugar.

4. Transfer your natural skin care products into another container before using them in the shower

Another thing that messes up your DIY skincare products is how you use them.

When using DIY skin care products, most of us scoop with wet fingers, especially in the shower.

And the water drops alter the quality of the product.

And that’s when you see fungus growing in your product.


So to preserve your DIY skin care products from water contamination, use a dry spoon to scoop enough into another bowl.

Before you use it in the shower.

And the leftover will always stay fresh for the next time.

For instance, this DIY coffee honey scrub lasted a while because I always scoop some into another bowl.

5. Prepare and store your DIY skincare recipes dry to make them last longer

How To Preserve Homemade Skincare Products Naturally - 10 Tips

Another tip for preserving homemade skincare products is to prepare them dry.

What do I mean by this?

I mean mixing only your dry ingredients and storing them separately.

And whenever you need to use it, you can mix wet and dry ingredients.

This works for DIY skincare products that require mixing with water.

For example, this oatmeal coffee scrub – oatmeal water face mask, etc.

To make this even easier, blend your oatmeal into flour.

And store it on the countertop or in your fridge.

It would last a while if it didn’t come into contact with water.

Then make a small oatmeal face mask for one-time use.

6. To preserve homemade skincare products, label them with the date you made them

Another essential tip for storing your DIY skincare products is to label them when you make them.

Labeling your homemade skincare recipes lets you know how long ago you made them.

And if you want to keep using them after some time.

Also, it gives you an idea of how long it takes you to finish some products, like sugar wax.

7. Store your DIY skincare products in clean, dry containers

Using clean containers to store DIY scrubs or body butter would be best.

Before adding your finished products to a container, wash and dry them thoroughly.

Because dirt and water can contaminate your homemade skincare products.

You can even take it further by rinsing your containers with baking soda to remove odors.

And clean them with alcohol before you add the DIY skincare product.

8. Follow the recipe carefully

Following the recipe carefully is essential to make your DIY skin care products last longer.

This will also ensure your products come out well.

And stay effective.

Which reduces waste as well.

Some DIY skincare recipes can be tweaked.

But for DIY sugar wax, you must follow the recipe to the tee.

Or else it would come out hard and stiff, and you can’t use it.

9. Use your homemade beauty products within a reasonable amount of time.

Even if you store DIY skincare products properly, they will eventually go bad.

So make sure to use them within a reasonable amount of time.

This ensures your products are safe and effective.

10. Lastly, always test your products before using them on yourself.

Some natural skincare ingredients may not work for your skin type.

So always test every DIY beauty products you make before using them on your face and body.

To make sure you’re not allergic to the ingredients.

Conclusion on how to extend the shelf-life of homemade skincare products

By following these tips, your homemade skincare recipes will stay fresh and last longer.

And you’ll also save money as your products don’t end up in the waste bin.

Remember to:

  • Make a little batch at a time.
  • Store your products properly,
  • clean your containers,
  • Store some DIY beauty products dry,
  • Label your products with the date you made them, etc.

Back to you.

How do you preserve homemade skincare products?

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