How To Make DIY Orange Zest Sugar Scrub


You’d love this DIY orange zest sugar scrub if you love citrus fruits.

As the title says, this scrub was made with orange peel, the oily fluid known as orange zest, and white sugar.

It is also rich in vitamin C, brightening the skin and fading off dark spots.

The best part is that this scrub is affordable and easy to whip up in minutes.

If you are ready, let’s go and make it.

How to make a zesty DIY orange sugar scrub

To make this homemade orange sugar scrub, you need the following ingredients:

Orange zest

Orange zest is the liquid found in the outer skin of an orange peel.

And it is packed with vitamin C, known to brighten dull skin.

The citrusy scent of orange zest is refreshing and uplifting, which helps boost your mood during skin exfoliation.

Orange zest contains antioxidants that combat free radicals, which cause skin damage and aging.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and inflammation, which makes it ideal for those of us with sensitive skin.


Sugar is a natural exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

It’s gentle and won’t damage the skin.

Sugar is also a humectant.

It draws moisture from the air and helps keep your skin hydrated.

That’s why sugar is excellent for exfoliation; it leaves the skin supple and moisturized.

With these out of the way, let’s make a zesty orange sugar scrub.

Ingredients and tools you need to make your orange sugar scrub

  • The zest and peel of an orange
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • A grater to extract your zest and rind


  • To extract the orange zest, grate around your uncut orange(s) until you get the amount of orange peel you need for your citrus body scrub
  • Mix it with your sugar,
  • If it is too dry, add more orange zest
  • But if you are out of oranges, add 1/8 cup of coconut oil.
  • Voila! Your orange zest sugar scrub is ready for use.

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How to use DIY orange sugar scrub

If you have not tried orange zest on the skin before, I suggest you test a small portion.

Whatever result you get tells you if it is good for you.

And if your results are excellent, exfoliate with the citrus body scrub following a bath.

Then moisturize after that.

Tips for using the orange sugar scrub

To get the most out of your DIY orange zest sugar scrub, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with clean, damp skin: Before exfoliating with this scrub, ensure your skin is clean and moist. This will help the scrub spread easily and ensure it exfoliates your skin effectively.
  • Use gentle, circular motions: When scrubbing, use gentle, circular motions to massage it into your skin. This will help to boost circulation and ensure that the sugar granules slough away dead skin cells.
  • Rinse thoroughly: After using the scrub, rinse your body thoroughly and moisture immediately after drying your body.

When to use your orange peel sugar scrub

Your choice of when to use your orange sugar scrub is entirely up to you.

And the number of times you exfoliate depends on your skin type.

But exfoliating at least twice a week should be enough.

Just do what works for you.

Benefits of orange zest sugar scrub to the skin

This simple but powerful homemade sugar scrub provides numerous benefits to your skin.

Let’s discuss them.

Skin exfoliation

The sugar in this scrub acts as a natural exfoliant, which helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Which leads to smoother, softer, and more radiant skin.

Also, the orange zest in this scrub contains citric acid, which exfoliates and brightens your skin.

Orange brightens the skin.

Vitamin C in orange zest brightens and even out your skin tone.

It also helps remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Additionally, exfoliation improves blood circulation to the skin, which also contributes to the brightening of the skin.


The combination of sugar and natural oil from the orange zest in this scrub can help to moisturize and nourish your skin.

Sugar is a natural humectant, which means it can attract and retain moisture.

Anti-aging properties

Orange peels contain antioxidants that protect your skin from getting too dry or oily.

Using this scrub regularly can help keep your skin looking youthful and radiant.

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How to store DIY orange sugar scrub

  • If you make this scrub today, it will have a yellow crystalline appearance.
  • But by the next day, you would notice a rich orange color because the sugar and citrus zest bonded overnight.
  • This orange sugar scrub can last up to a week in your refrigerator. But I suggest you make it today, use it tomorrow, and make a fresh batch next time.
  • The zest will begin to turn brown after a week or a couple of weeks, which means your zesty orange sugar scrub has stayed too long.
  • Also, your orange scrub won’t smell as zesty as the first time once it starts turning brown.

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Let’s wrap up!

Overall, making your orange sugar scrub can be a fun and healthy way to care for your skin.

It is affordable and also provides lots of benefits to your skin.

So give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

If you made this citrus sugar scrub, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Also, if you enjoyed this orange sugar scrub tutorial, please share it.

Thanks for reading!

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