Easy Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub For Foot Exfoliation


Would you like to make a coconut lime sugar scrub for foot exfoliation?

This homemade foot scrub is so pretty. The way the green lime zest stands out from the white sugar makes it a dreamy natural skincare product.

What I love most about this lime sugar scrub is the lime aroma blending with the coconut and eucalyptus oil.

I think lime has the most potent taste and fragrance among all the citrus fruits, even if lemon has made a name for itself.

Enough said! Let’s make a lime sugar scrub for foot exfoliation.

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How To Make DIY Coconut Lime sugar scrub for Foot exfoliation


Because making DIY skincare recipes is not a one-size-fits-all, you can try several ways until you find what works.

If you have seen most of my DIY skincare recipes, I urge you to adjust the ingredients as you prefer.

So every single homemade scrub you make is unique.

As for me, I always like my scrubs a little crumbly and not too runny, primarily DIY scrub recipes that contain coconut oil.

Lastly, this lime sugar scrub is a great handmade gift for mother’s day.

And here’s what you need to make it.


  • Grater,
  • Knife,
  • Bowl & spoon,


Instructions to Make Your Lime Sugar Scrub

  1. Mix coconut oil and sugar in a bowl, then grate your lime zest.
  2. Next, add your lime juice and mix it up.
  3. Now your homemade lime sugar scrub is ready for use.
  4. You can store this lime foot scrub in your fridge for weeks.

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How to use your DIY lime sugar foot scrub

  • You can use this DIY lime foot scrub as a weekly foot exfoliator or as part of your at-home pedicure.
  • If you use this as a regular foot scrub in the shower, I suggest you wash and exfoliate your feet before taking a shower.
  • While showering will remove the coconut oil on your feet, you’d also have fewer chances of slipping in the shower.
  • So safety comes first.
  • Moreover, you can reapply coconut oil to your feet after showering.
  • But if you use this DIY coconut lime foot scrub for an at-home pedicure, use it after buffing your feet with a pumice stone or foot file.
  • It would act as a smoothening and moisturizing exfoliator, and you won’t need to moisturize your feet afterward.
  • Still, be careful when stepping into your flip-flops.

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It is also an excellent pedicure scrub you’d love.

Lime sugar foot scrub benefits

Lime or lime juice may have several benefits when applied to the feet.

Here are a few:

Lime reduces foot odor

  • Lime has antibacterial and astringent properties.
  • This means using lime on your feet helps kill bacteria and reduce foot odors.

Removes dead skin cells

  • Because lime contains citric acid, it helps exfoliate dead skin off your feet.
  • And it also improves the texture and appearance of your skin.

Reduces inflammation

  • Lime may help reduce swelling and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Lime may also reduce hyperpigmentation.

  • If you have dark spots on your feet, exfoliating with lime may help brighten your skin.

Lime with coconut oil relieves cracked feet.

  • Coconut oil helps moisturize, soften feet, and heal cracked heels.


Conclusion on easy lime sugar scrub for foot exfoliation

So that’s how to make a DIY coconut lime foot for getting pedicures at home.

Also, remember, this is an excellent mother’s day gift idea for all the mamas in your life.

And while you are gifting other mamas, remember to keep one jar for yourself.

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Thanks for reading.

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Coconut Lime Sugar Foot Scrub

Yield: 1 portion
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 1 minute
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 4 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

How to make lime sugar scrub for foot exfoliation


  • 2 small lime for zest, and juice,
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil,
  • 2 cups white sugar,
  • 10 drops of essential oil. I used Eucalyptus Oil.


  • Grater,
  • Knife,
  • Bowl & spoon,


  1. Mix coconut oil and sugar in a bowl, then grate your lime zest into the mixture.
  2. Next, add your lime juice and mix it up.
  3. Now your homemade lime sugar scrub is ready for use.
  4. You can store this foot scrub in your fridge for weeks.

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